DPNA Board Meeting Minutes – October 25, 2017

Date: 10/25/2017

Members: Dan Pressburg, Darlene Broom, and Elizabeth Horin

Guests: None


7:00 PM Welcome to DPNA Neighborhood Association (DPNA) Executive Board Meeting


Upcoming events:


Saturday, October 28th is Beach Streets – will cover 7th, 8th, and 9th Districts


Saturday, November 11th is the Veterans Day Celebration and Parade


7:03PM Old Business

  1. Meeting with new Police Commander – He is very much a people person and getting out to the different neighborhood associations
  2. Dine Out 90805 – Monday, October 30, 2017 was next date at Cajun Crab located at 3253 E. South St. Long Beach, CA 90805 Promote via social media and pass out fliers at community events; Dan spoke with owner at Cajun Crab and confirmed
  3. Veterans Festival and Parade – Darlene & Elizabeth will have table and do golf activity after parade; need help to meet with VIPS at LB Dairy & Creamery (before celebration at 8:15AM, breakfast will be served)
  4. Foodfinders application – obtained donated food items for DPNA events; need to obtain DPNA contact with food handlers license – Elizabeth let Darlene know that her husband can be point of contact for food handling


7:11PM New Business


  1. Cono Meeting on November 6th – contacting neighborhood groups
  2. Christmas Party on Sunday, December 3rd at LB Historic Dairy and Creamery
  3. Elizabeth’s husband open to do a cooking demo class in future as a fundraiser for DPNA – can use space at Michelle Obama Library


Motion to adjourn Dan,1st and 2nd

Adjourn at 8:07PM


Reminders and Dates to Remember:

  • Long Beach Veteran’s Day Parade – Last Tuesday of the month
  • 7:00AM Good Neighbors – Spires at Del Amo and Cherry – 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • 7:00PM Starr King – 1st Wed. of the Month
  • 7:00PM Grant Meeting – American legion Post 560 at 59th and Orange – 2nd Thursday of the month
  • 7:00PM Coolidge Triangle Neighborhood Association – 3rd Wednesday of the month
  • Volunteers for the Veterans VIP Breakfast (11/3) and for Celebration (11/11)
  • North Long Beach Christmas Party

Next Board Meeting on Wed. 11/ ?? at LB Historic Dairy and Creamery

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