Board Minutes – February 24, 2015

  1. Javier set-up an Instagram
    1. Deforest.park
      1. PW: [this has been redacted]
      2. Linked to Gmail account
    2. Facebook
      1. Javier: Will change over to individual non-profit
      2. Will link to Gmail account
    3. Javier provided list of newly sold properties
      1. Dan asked about investor properties
        1. Dan asked Javier to try to contact/connect investors
      2. Javier will provide a list of newly sold properties every time we meet
    4. Javier invited us out to his open houses to promote DPNA
    5. Javier will create a sign in sheet for:
      1. Pechanga trip
      2. Yard sale
    6. Dan
      1. Still trying to look into incorporation
      2. Having trouble finding information on us
    7. Dan
      1. Joni reminded Dan to add Facebook and Instagram to sign-in sheet
    8. Keith and Javier will work on adding link to Gmail account for facebook and Instagram
    9. Javier: can provide clear flyer holders
      1. Will bring 4 to the next NA meeting
    10. Javier
      1. Will provide snacks and drinks to next NA meeting
    11. Joni and Keith have discussed “Dine-Out 90805” with the owner of El Pollo Taquero
    12. Dan gave Keith money from NA bank account, to be used to open a new one.
      1. We will need to set-up a new account for DeForest Park
        1. Problem: We are currently not an incorporated not-for-profit
      2. Dan will talk to Carol at Farmers and Merchant Bank about getting us an account
    13. Dan will put get signs for next DPNA
      1. Javier asked for copy of DPNA logo
      2. Javier and Dan will collaborate to get signs made promoting DPNA meetings
    14. March 28 – Dan proposed clean-up 8am-12pm
      1. With a BBQ potluck afterward
    15. Speakers for next month:
      1. Police Chief – Dan is waiting on secretary
      2. POLB/Port cancelled
        1. Maybe April
      3. Dan will contact fire chief, city manager, city auditor if no chief or P&R
      4. Joni will contact Parks and Rec is Police chief does not confirm about March
      5. Joni will contact to Rex about doing a state of the ninth district


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