Board Minutes – March 24, 2015

  1. Speakers
    1. April – waiting for confirmation from Parks and Rec
    2. May – North Branch Library Construction Lead
  2. Future Clubhouse Updates
    1. New floor – apoxy
    2. Book shelves
    3. NLP grant for this?
  3. Darlene found information on incorporation for Deforest
    1. Need to change address of information
      1. Dan will do this and have address changed to his
    2. We are a Corporation- nonprofit
  4. Clean-up and shred day (same time)
    1. Dan needs to call Jim Osgood and Marina
    2. Location at end of deforest
    3. Proposed Date: June 20th, 2015
  5. Pechanga trip
    1. Advertisement needs to be word of mouth
    2. Bus seats is 54
    3. Darlene is organizing for her family reunion
      1. $25/person and Pechanga gives $5 back
    4. May be able to get even more of a discount for being a non-profit
  6. Do we think the newsletter is helpful and still useful to have?
    1. Dan suggests keeping it going until we see 4 pager from Javier and then we can make a determination
    2. We will make a special effort to send emails out to attendees
  7. Joni asked everyone to suggest friends for the new “Deforest Park” Facebook page
  8. Change old Facebook DPNA to a different name
  9. Dine-out 90805
    1. Suggestion: Robert Earls
    2. Last Monday of the month: April 27th
    3. Linda will talk to Robert Earl
  10. Joni will send a list of questions to Javier
    1. Signage on DPNA meeting, we want them up before June 6th
  11. Sean wants to talk about signage for bike route for Beach Cities June 6th
    1. Need to look into getting free bike racks
    2. Needs a sign directing people to DeForest Park
  12. Start advertising on flyer for $10 dollars
    1. Linda’s contractor wants to advertise


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