Board Minutes – April 22, 2015

  1. Plans for Beach Streets
    1. Darlene is contacting LA Sparks organization
    2. Darlene will bring a putting green, we are considering doing a “putt for prizes:
      1. Dan will bring Aquarium tickets as prizes
    3. Jelly Beach guessing fund raiser
    4. Dan:
      1. Suggested talking to Nina Strikhart from Signal Tribune
      2. Wanted to contact Rex to obtain a list of high propensity voters (2 universes deep) and then we can visit those households
  • Contact Sean: Tell him the DPNA will donate an old “business association” banner
  1. Bank Account
    1. Need 3 people (linda, keith, and dan)
    2. Need double custody to sign a check
    3. Need to pick a date to go to Farmers and Merchants Bank – Contact is Carrol
  2. Upcoming Speakers
    1. May: John – Project manager for new library
      1. Dan will confirm with him and send Joni his contact information
      2. Joni will ask community to submit questions
    2. June: Braden Phyllis? – Administration Chief of Police Dept.
    3. July: Have Rex do State of North Long Beach?
    4. August- Luna?
  3. Neighborhood issues to address
    1. Properties with perpetual yard sales
  4. Fundraising for DPNA
    1. Suggestion from previous NA meeting
      1. Yard Sale- instead of doing separate permits for each household, we should do one big yard sale in the park
        1. The spear for LB P&R said this would be possible
      2. Raffle/Opportunity drawing w/ good prizes
        1. Ipod/tv
        2. Can advertise to Jordan HS, and all middle/elementary schools, Nextdoor
      3. “Text –to-give” campaign
      4. “Go Fund Me” website
        1. This can be immediately done
        2. Free for non-profits
  • Mention Skating rink will be turned into ice skating in the winter
  1. Timeline for fundraising:
    1. 1st Step: Joni will put together language for Go Fund Me sight
      1. Take a look at set-up for the LB Christmas Store as example
      2. Don’t include graphs
    2. 2nd step: Need to get prizes/sponsorship from local organizations
      1. Contact Port- Samara Ashely
      2. This can tie into the focus on exercise and treating exercise induced asthma etc.
  • Contact Boost Mobile – maybe even et them to dontae a cell phone w/ 2 months service
  1. In the meantime Darlene – will be contacting Rex about meeting about Roller Rink
  1. Upcoming events:
    1. Darlene will contact council office about getting truck for Shred Fest
    2. Mylaunna was interested in helping/participating in the chili cook-off
    3. Installing Bike racks
      1. People like the bike, palm tree shaped bike racks
      2. Locations
        1. Nature trail
        2. Bathrooms
        3. Club House
        4. Futsol/basketball courts
      3. Advertising for Chili cook-off (August)
        1. Contact Gloria – Country Club manor
        2. Contact Bike Shop- Bixby Knolls

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