Board Minutes – May 26, 2015

  1. DPNA Neighborhood Association – Review


  1. Joni- In process of updating paperwork with new officers
    1. Sent paperwork to update officers and agent of process
    2. Also requested a certified copy of our statement of information (Cost $6)
    3. Once get paperwork, we can go ahead an open a bank account
      1. Keith and I spoke to a WF banker last week


  1. Joni – Ordered Banner and Yard sign for DeForest
    1. Should be delivered early next week, in time for the Beach streets


  1. Dan – Update on DeForest Polos
    1. Action item: Dan let us know if you have received these


  1. Joni and Keith – Updated the Sign-in sheet
    1. Added a column on if an attendee is on Facebook
    2. Added a column on if phone number is a cell phone
    3. Added a column on if an attendee is willing to receive text messages from DPNA on upcoming events (no more than 2 a month)
      1. We got several individuals at the May meeting who signed-up


  1. Keith and Joni – Google Account
    1. Google voice set-up with new number – 562-294-6255
    2. Can be attached to multiple numbers
      1. Action Item: Please let us know if you want to link you number


  1. Joni – Website
    1. Ryan Blazer (DeForest resident) offered to set-up a website for use for free
    2. He found the old website
    3. Our cost would be the web hosting/yearly maintenance
      1. Estimated around 20-30 per year
    4. We should set-up a meeting with to discuss the website and our needs
      1. Think about what would be important to have in it
        1. Would like to have minutes and/or meeting
      2. Action Items: Joni will follow-up about a date to meet after Beach streets, will try for a Tuesday
    5. Keith – updated logo
      1. Interested in having one professionally made
      2. Cost would be $150
      3. Logo Design Competition for youth
        1. Gift itunes or google gift cards (non-gendered prizes)


  1. We need to start fundraising
    1. Start collection at meetings
    2. Text-to-give
    3. Go Fund Me account
    4. Portion of future Dine out 90805 profits
    5. Can offer computer class taught by Keith
      1. Possible Electronics workshops, i.e. Facebook, Smart Phone, etc. that Keith could hold with Darlene’s grandson as assistant.  Possibly charge $10 – $15 hr. to be split between DPNA & tutors.


  • Upcoming events
    1. Action Item: Linda will follow-up with Robert earl’s on Sunday to re-confirm
    2. Dine-out 90805 – June 1
      1. Nextdoor event and Facebook event created
        1. 7 Maybes on Nextdoor
        2. 12 Yes and 5 Maybes on Facebook
        3. Goal is 20 people
      2. Sent information to Uptown PBID
        1. They would like to begin co-sponsoring these with us
  • Hamilton Neighborhood Association also emailed it to their list serve
  1. Will send out reminder email to our list on Saturday? And text reminder the day of.
    1. Action Item: Email folks on PB list, LaVerne, Kasia et al.
  2. Other networks? Want to make sure we have a good turn out
    1. Action Item: Darlene and Linda will post on Facebook event page testimonials on experience at Robert Earl’s
  3. Need volunteer to follow-up with Robert Earl’s to confirm everything
  • Suggestions for next location?
    1. KBQ, Sal’s, El Pollo Taquero, El Pollo Imperial, Ice Cream Shop


  1. Beach Streets – June 6th
    1. Table in Uptown Renaissance
    2. Availability to man table?
      1. No Linda, Dan will be late
  • Action Items: Darlene- will bring tent, table cloth, small table
  1. Should bring own chairs
  2. Table provided – 5-6ft
  3. Activity:
    1. Putt for Prizes
      1. Action Items: Need Aquarium tickets from Dan
      2. Darlene also has prizes
    2. Pick Bike locations on DeForest Map
      1. Residents to vote on location of proposed bike stands and type of stand.
      2. Action Items: Darlene will bring an easel for map
      3. Action Items: Darlene will contact someone and P&R about getting us a good quality map otherwise Joni/Keith will try to get an enlarged one made at kinkos/staples etc.
    3. Jelly Beans guess/Opportunity drawing
      1. $2 a guess (We will probably need a money bag)
      2. Action Items: Need a fish bowl and slips for guessing
      3. Action Items: Darlene will bring small/decorative signs that we can write on


  1. Spring Cleaning – June 20th
    1. Dumpster confirmed?- location
      1. Action Items: Follow-up with Dan on location
      2. Parameters:
        1. No e-waste
        2. No hazardous waste
        3. No bulk items (e.g couches, mattresses)
      3. Shredder confirmed? – location
        1. Action Items: Darlene will email Marina about shredder


  1. Chili Cook-off in July
    1. Spoke to Elyse, manager at Park.
      1. Was interested in combining efforts, she is planning an events in the park over the summer on a Saturday to encourage families to come out to the park on weekends.
      2. She will clear it with LB P&R and get back to us
    2. Suggestion, doing $5 for a bowl. Allow people to try all entries w/ tasting cups and then pick the one they like best.
      1. Might want to consider a prize
  • Partnership with car show? Car Show partners will be contacted after Elyse gets back to us with date.


  1. Corazon
    1. Realtor who lives in the neighborhood
    2. Wants to help to organize the yard sale
    3. Can use her to translate flyers etc into Spanish
    4. Action Item: Keith will follow-up with her
  2. Newsletter
    1. Return on Investment on delivering newsletters seems to be low
    2. Considering discontinuing delivery or flyer and just focus on facebook, email etc.
    3. One option for discontinuing is to put out a flyer that says “DeForest is going Green” and give people the option of emailing us if they want to be included on








DPNA Meeting Agenda – May 21, 2015

7:00 Welcome to DPNA Neighborhood Association…Joni


7:03   Flag Salute…Linda

Treasurer Report … Keith Oddie

  • Balance: $363.50
  • New Account will be open soon
  • In process of updating paperwork with new officers


7:05   June 6 – The 9th Annual Wrigley River Run is from 6:00a-12:00p


7:10   North Station Report – The Beat Goes On

7:15   9th District Update ….Marina / CD9 Staff

  • June 6 2015 Beach Streets  9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Old Business –

Website, Facebook and Google Account Update… Keith and Joni


7:25 Javier

  • Neighborhood Yard Sale Turn-out
  • Sale of New Homes
  • Sign-ups for Pechanga


7:30   New Business … Joni

  • Dine Out 90805 Returns – Monday, June 1st

Robert Earl’s BBQ – 703 E. Artesia

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

  • Spring Cleaning- 167 E. South Street – Saturday, June 20th

Dumpster Provided from 8:00am to 11:45am

  • BBQ and Fundraiser – Saturday, June 20th

$2.00 Donation 12:30 – 4:00 pm


7:25   Speaker – John Watkins …Library Construction Update

7:50   Q & A


8:10   Announcements / Public Comment / Future Events

June- Dine-Out 90805, Spring Cleaning/BBQ

July- 2nd Annual Chili Cook-off, Pechanga Trip


8:15   Adjourn

Reminders and Dates to Remember:


∙NLB Community Action Group  American Legion Hall  1215 59th  1st Sunday monthly

∙7:00AM Good Neighbors  Spires Del Amo and Cherry  2nd Tuesday of the 7:00AM

∙7:00 pm Starr King   1st  Wednesday

∙7:00PM  Grant Meeting, American Legion Post 560…59th & Orange 2nd Thursday


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