Board Minutes – January 27, 2016

1. Dan:
– Will confirm with Marina and Jim Osgood about our clean-up and dumpster
– Dan will coordinate breakfast after clean-up
2. Joni:
– Will contact “We Love Long Beach” about breakfast
– Joni will contact Delta Sigma Theta Sorority about clean-up once Dan confirms with Marina
– Will begin contacting the manager at Deforest Park to begin picking dates for the Chili Cook-off
– Send Christian our 2016 events calendar
3. Luis and Ryan:
– Will follow-up with El Pollo Imperial to thank them for hosting as well as to ask them about their experience and find out how well they did on food sales as compared to a regular Monday night.
4. Darlene:
-Send pictures from Dine-Out 90805 to
– Once date for Chili Cook-off is set she will contact LA Sparks
5. Corazon:
– Video from Dine-out 90805

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