Board Minutes – September 21, 2016

Executive Board meeting minutes  9/21/16
Present: Dan Pressburg President, Joni Ricks-Oddie Vice President, Keith Oddie Treasurer, Ryan Blazer Website Social Media, Darlene Broom Chair of Fundraising, and Karine Paulan Secretary
Meeting called to order at 7:05 by Dan Pressburg President
Call for Approval of minutes Joni 1st Darlene 2nd
Dine out at Sal’s approved for October
it is her birthday
Karine will bring dessert
Dan will check on what she likes
Ryan introduced Chris paranormal investigator from Anubis 40 years experience
Dan got permission from the construction company
age  limit over 15, 15-17 must be accompanied by adult
reviewed and discussed waiver of liability
event 9/30 8:00 -11:00 check-in 8:00 class at 8:30 investigation 9-11
limited to 30 participants people can bring own camera, flashlights
extra batteries recommended
Ryan will create reservation system with wristbands
Anubis team will review results and share on the website
return at neighborhood association 10/20 to share report
spirit world and ghosts discussed, debunking, cleansing, elementals
Deforest Park was inhabited for last 10,000 years by indigenous Tejangas
Witch doctor and group was slaughtered
god of creation Quor called upon for protection
explanation of demon old woman brings cold wind
negative non human spirit – demon elemental
The Entity movie accurate to true life demonic possession based on true story
Tax deduction letter – Keith completed provided sample approved
Activate uptown – table with books, putting green, Janetta will get some swag bags
Mail chimp account is set up need e-mail set up with form
Facebook Ryan is suggesting that we merge person and page account
questions about inviting people
pictures are merged friends and likes are merged
notice will go up
Ryan made motion to merge 1st Dan 2nd Karine moved Dan abstained
Instagram and twitter would be nice to have another device to post
Shirts are in the process of being completed hoping to be done by Saturday
QR code for flyers discussed, list of city utilities for new residents
Budget account balance $1745.51
Keith suggested we set up ongoing expenses earmarked
baseline for operating costs
$1000 earmarked for project in the park
Quickbooks needed annual renewal license versus buy the program
online is on the cloud need to buy program
annual budget presented at the end of the year
Dan discussed fundraising
Darlene looked into Booster, Razoo is for specific project
Events need to look at calendar to prevent multiple events
Yard Sale
next year bazzaar style is better
prevent overlapping with other city events have combined event in Deforest Park
November special meeting paranormal report
Meeting adjourned 9:36
Out of town: (Ryan [redacted]) (Keith and Joni [redacted]) (Karine [redacted])
Action Items:
Dan     check on what dessert Sally likes
will talk to Aaron about Quickbooks
talk to Tim about media coverage of paranormal
Darlene ask Janetta about swag bags
talk to Rex and Tasha Hunter regarding insurance companies
Ryan    create reservation system for Haunted park event
present information about mail chimp at next meeting
explore sending texts through mail chimp
look into Facebook ability to invite people under page will put up notice
look at QR code generator
Karine    make dessert for dine out in October
Joni    will complete and submit form for Activate uptown

Monthly Meeting Minutes – September, 2016

meeting minutes  9/15/16
Meeting called to order at 7:20 by Dan Pressburg President
Thank you to Marina office manager from the city council office for her 6 years of service
Flag salute led by Dominic
2500 people at library opening
Christian Cambridge from Rex Richardson’s office presented
thank you to Marina
open streets event “Activate Uptown” 10/1 10a-4p
budget items passed
police and fire academies $2.2 million
$80 million infrastructure
$500,000 safe streets
Police officer Frank Pena from bike unit presented update
3 breaking and entering burglaries one during fumigation
2 assaults gun recovered from one incident
theft of vehicles reminder older Toyota and Honda can be started with shaved keys use additional measures to safeguard
theft of large amount of money
provided flyers “who to call” and “children’s safety”
Marina from Rex Richardson’s office
thanked the DPNA leadership for the compliments and well wishes
card presented cake cut
Andrean from Parks & Rec
presented staff Tierra and Jave
tea party “sky is the limit” for ages 5-12 10/21   5:30-7
Laura Doud city auditor presented
city organization chart
auditor’s office provides independent assurance that money is used appropriately
gave information on ways to reach the office
twitter @LBCityAuditor
app MyAuditorApp
reports are published
provided information about services
Fraud Hotline
Report on Results 71% of recommendations were followed
flyers made available
Wendy from DM Gremlin studios introduced local music studio, photography studio
Dine out 90805 September 26th Robert Earl’s BBQ pending completion of construction
Haunted Deforest Park 9/30 paranormal investigation
Call for motion to adjourn by Dan Pressburg
Meeting adjourned  8:56 p.m.

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