DPNA Board Meeting Minutes – April 26, 2017

Date: 4.26.2017

Members: Dan Pressburg, Corazon Lomeli, Joni Ricks-Oddie, Keith Oddie, Darlene Broom


Old Business

  1. Fundraising
    1. Wine Tasting needs to be moved. Proposed Date June 10th
      1. Update: Darlene confirmed date with Juan Venegas and Casa Sanchez
      2. Need to get update from Ryan on status of webpage and ticket sales plug-in
  • Darlene will ask CD9 office if they would sponsor some food at wine tasting
  1. Talked to Casa Sanchez about playing videos of DPNA events at wine-tasting
  1. Grant money has been disbursed to support Chili Cook-off
    1. [redacted]
    2. [redacted]
  2. Keith asked permission to start researching text to give options, so people can donate on their cell phones
  1. YouTube video
    1. Keith added text to video of mayor.
    2. Needs help from Ryan to add link to website
  2. Fiduciary contract updates
    1. $180 has been disbursed to AOC7
      1. Bill pay takes 5-7 days
    2. All checks to be deposited need to written out to DPNA’s legal name
      1. Deforest Chapter, North Long Beach Neighborhood Association
    3. Need to update language – Keith
      1. Add that fund needs to be requested at least 7 business days in advance
      2. Bank fees
        1. Discussed including an annual fee to cover quickbooks ($14 * 12 months = $168)
        2. Alternatively, we can increase fee to 12% (10% + 2% administrative fee) to cover banking fees, assuming organization that bring in at least $6000/year
  3. Welcome wagon
    1. Corazon says she has 9 new house in the area to connect with
      1. Stephanie Lopez will help her with the baking
    2. Chili Cook-off
      1. Need to discuss buy-in for vendors
      2. Saylor Insurance – AllState will donate gift card as a prize

Dine Out 90805 – Casa Sanchez

DPNA Board Meeting Minutes – March 22, 2017

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