Monthly Meeting Minutes – November, 2017

Deforest Park Neighborhood Association (DPNA)

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: 11/16/2017

Meeting called to order at 7:19 PM by DPNA President Dan Pressburg

No flag salute as meeting started outside as no one from Park and Recreations came to open the doors. DPNA Executive Board members were raising concerns about this for past few months. Parks and Recreation staff member arrived at 7:32PM and opened doors.

Good news:

Dedication of Veteran’s Plaza and Veterans Day Parade and Festival was a great event

Last month had successful Dine Out at Cajun Crab.

3rd Annual Christmas Lights Display Contest – November 24 through December 31 (all entries can be sent via with 1) Name, 2) Address, 3) Phone, and 4) Photo of Decorations Contest entry is December 10th.

Invited to North Long Beach Community Christmas Party on Sunday, December 3rd from 3:00PM-6:00PM at Historic Long Beach and Dairy and Creamery at 167 East South Street

North Station Report:

Long Beach Police Department 9th District provided Officers Frank Pena and Erica Morena

Police passed out Holiday Safety Tips

Crimes – 2 car break ins – 1) no forced entry and owner was not sure if they locked door, 2) window broken in other and insurance care stolen

2 stolen cars – 1 already recovered and other still missing

Over app – selling items – people met at 400 Smith Street and one person pulled a gun and robbed of 2 cell phones and money – avoid meeting at random location and consider going to a specific spot for selling and buying at North Long Beach Division Police Department where there is a recording device

Old Business/New Business Announcements:

7:34PM – Council Office Updates – field representative from Vice Mayor’s Office, Jessica

Urban Agriculture Dinner this Saturday, November 18th at 6:00PM- at field office at 6509 Gundry Ave. RSVP to

Brought new draft maps for District 9 for any new buildings and caps of heights as part of Long Beach General Plan and Land Use Element Misconceptions

RV Parking Ban passed and to go effect soon

7:45 PM – DPNA Announcements

Looking to plan more Dine Out 90805 for next year and doing quarterly. Looking for ideas? One thrown out is Agua’s Way. Will begin in 2018.

We Love Long Beach Breakfast and Clean Up – suggested involvement with Jordan High – tried in past and not successful; new principal now is Ms. Coleman and can try to engage

Jazz Festival – in May or June DPNA does fundraiser and sell food and drinks

Annual Chili Cook-Off – in July; will do a Police vs. Fire competition; will be at Michelle Obama Library

Teen Summit – done a few times a year – focus is to discuss next steps after taking the SAT

October – consider doing Ghost Tour again as Deforest is considered to be very haunted

Also partner with other community neighborhood groups

Amazon Smile can get proceeds donated through purchases to DPNA as we are a not-for-profit

2nd wine tasting and maybe doing two

Additional Comments or Questions?

Graffiti on Laundromat at Linden and South – has been reported many times but not taken care of


Call for motion to adjourn by Dan Pressburg; 1st and 2nd noted

Meeting adjourned 8: 45PM

Reminders and Dates to Remember:

7:00AM Good Neighbors Spires Del Amo and Cherry 2nd Tuesday of the month

7:00PM Starr King 1st Wednesday of the month

7:00PM Grant Meeting, American legion Post 560 59th & Orange 2nd Thursday of the month

7:00PM Coolidge Triangle Neighborhood Association 3rd Wednesday of the month

7:00PM Deforest Neighborhood Association 3rd Thursday of the month

DPNA Board Meeting on Wed. 11/29 at 7:00PM at Historic LB Dairy and Creamery at 167 E. South – Will be planning calendar for next year

Pop Up Uptown Event at Michelle Obama Library – 4th Thursday 5:30PM-8:30PM

DPNA Board Meeting Minutes – October 25, 2017

Date: 10/25/2017

Members: Dan Pressburg, Darlene Broom, and Elizabeth Horin

Guests: None


7:00 PM Welcome to DPNA Neighborhood Association (DPNA) Executive Board Meeting


Upcoming events:


Saturday, October 28th is Beach Streets – will cover 7th, 8th, and 9th Districts


Saturday, November 11th is the Veterans Day Celebration and Parade


7:03PM Old Business

  1. Meeting with new Police Commander – He is very much a people person and getting out to the different neighborhood associations
  2. Dine Out 90805 – Monday, October 30, 2017 was next date at Cajun Crab located at 3253 E. South St. Long Beach, CA 90805 Promote via social media and pass out fliers at community events; Dan spoke with owner at Cajun Crab and confirmed
  3. Veterans Festival and Parade – Darlene & Elizabeth will have table and do golf activity after parade; need help to meet with VIPS at LB Dairy & Creamery (before celebration at 8:15AM, breakfast will be served)
  4. Foodfinders application – obtained donated food items for DPNA events; need to obtain DPNA contact with food handlers license – Elizabeth let Darlene know that her husband can be point of contact for food handling


7:11PM New Business


  1. Cono Meeting on November 6th – contacting neighborhood groups
  2. Christmas Party on Sunday, December 3rd at LB Historic Dairy and Creamery
  3. Elizabeth’s husband open to do a cooking demo class in future as a fundraiser for DPNA – can use space at Michelle Obama Library


Motion to adjourn Dan,1st and 2nd

Adjourn at 8:07PM


Reminders and Dates to Remember:

  • Long Beach Veteran’s Day Parade – Last Tuesday of the month
  • 7:00AM Good Neighbors – Spires at Del Amo and Cherry – 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • 7:00PM Starr King – 1st Wed. of the Month
  • 7:00PM Grant Meeting – American legion Post 560 at 59th and Orange – 2nd Thursday of the month
  • 7:00PM Coolidge Triangle Neighborhood Association – 3rd Wednesday of the month
  • Volunteers for the Veterans VIP Breakfast (11/3) and for Celebration (11/11)
  • North Long Beach Christmas Party

Next Board Meeting on Wed. 11/ ?? at LB Historic Dairy and Creamery

Monthly Meeting Minutes – October, 2017

Monthly Meeting Minutes Date: 10/19/2017 Meeting called to order at 7:13 PM by DPNA President Dan Pressburg Flag salute led by Sonny Good news: Beach Streets is coming up Veterans Day Festival and Parade on 11/11 – will start on South Street this year; Grand Stand is on 59th Street Dine Out on 10/30 at… Continue Reading

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