Monthly Meeting Minutes – January, 2017

Deforest Park Neighborhood Association

meeting minutes 1/19/17

Meeting called to order at 7:07 by Dan Pressburg

Flag salute led by Lynn

Dan discussed projects at Library: kinetic wind art, stepping stones

Police report provided by Cory and Frank

  • 1 breaking and entering- garden tools taken out of unlocked garage
  • 2 vehicle thefts older model Hondas
  • 4 assaults: 2 neighbor disputes and 2 domestic disturbances
  • Provided information about identity theft and who to call list

Elizabeth Salcedo and Scott Baldwin from Neighborhood Services presented

  • Discussed grants: CDBG, HOME, and ESG
  • 5 year plan
  • Those in attendance got the opportunity to vote on projects of importance to them

Tasha Hunter from NLB BID presented

Clean up project is in progress quantifying amount of trash picked up

  • Pressure washing is being done 3 hours weekly
  • Trash cans are being added
  • Free trash cans for business in the BID
  • Community garden at the library free to all
  • upLab coworking space available, conference room
  • working with local youth at Jordan high school to get jobs
  • working on getting parklet space in front of their office by summer 2018
  • Golden State Humane Society needs board members
  • Façade improvement meetings 1st Thursday of the month

Christian Cambridge presented for the Vice Mayor’s office

  • MLK day parade event successful
  • MLK day of service event 3 projects took place
    • library gardening
    • new mural painted at 1407 South St
    • community garden at the district office
  • Night at the aquarium 1/26 6:30-8:30
  • Black history month celebrations at Expo Arts Center 2/2-2/4 flyer provided
  • Black history month celebration at city hall 2/14 3-5:30 p.m.
  • 2/11 zero waste plan more information to come

Andrean from Parks and Recreation presented

  • See something report it- JHS students in park inappropriate behavior
  • Safes found in park police were called
  • Upcoming months: tea party for girls, dog show, and more events TBA
  • New/repaired roof requested hoping it will completed this year

Dine out at Robert Earl’s on Artesia 1/30 6:30-8:00

Jesus “Jess” Romo the new airport director of Long Beach presented

  • Shared plan of city to vote on LB becoming international airport next Tuesday 1/24
  • Discussed noise of airport, city has strict ordinance
    • LB is limited to 50 flights per day (LA has 1800 per day)
    • No flights before 7 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. with weather exceptions
  • Questions about Metro connection into the airport, not in the plan

Dan Pressburg called for motion to adjourn meeting

Joni Ricks made the motion Darlene Broom 2nd

Meeting adjourned 8:24 p.m.


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