Board Minutes – February 24, 2016

Attendees: Dan Pressburg, Keith Oddie, Corazon Lomeli, Darleen Broom, Ryan Blazer, Joni Ricks-Oddie


  1. Rename Clubhouse – Bill Baker
    1. Keith suggestion is to put Baker’s name on Wetlands
    2. Discussion issued around the neighborhood’s receptiveness to the name change
  2. Waba Grill – Dine-Out 90805
    1. Joni needs to contact corporate office and follow-up to obtain information on the local contact for DPNA
  3. Roller rink
    1. Rex going to set up meeting with “creatives” like Ryan Smolar
    2. Keith will go up to CSU-DH to see example of amphitheater
    3. We plan to use Partners of Parks as fiduciary
  4. Secretary
    1. Corazon will speak with Patricia Jimenez about filling the secretary position
  5. Social Media updating
    1. Ryan will take this care of this
      1. Joni will train Ryan after the 18th
      2. Includes Facebook. Instagram, Twitter and Nextdoor
  • He will set up an acct for the DPNA on twitter and nextdoor
  1. Ryan – suggested we can all help update/post on Instagram, twitter etc
  1. Website (priority)
    1. Ryan will get something up and running
      1. Need a mission statement – 3-4 sentences
      2. Darlene will come up with a draft mission statement
    2. Everybody needs to send Ryan a headshot for website
    3. Deadline: April 1
    4. Map – Need to determine what kind of map to include (discussion tabled)
    5. Html template
    6. Disclaimer for advertising – We can use wording that Ryan already has
  2. Welcome Wagon
    1. Committee for welcome Wagon – Chair of committee will be Corazon
    2. Corazon will recruit some individuals from the community to help
    3. Will collect information on recent home sales, so we can invite those individuals to DPNA meetings
    4. Corazon will also be responsible for inviting to members of Deforest Park, on Nextdoor, to our meetings
  3. Fundraising
    1. Darlene – Chair this committee
    2. Darlene and Dan Will contact Gina Johnson Smith about possible fundraising opportunities
    3. Darlene will recruit some individuals from the community to help
  4. Event Committee – Joni
    1. Joni will recruit some individuals from the community to help
  5. Clean-up Committee
    1. Look at the folk who did the other neighborhood breakfast
    2. Elena Merig and husband
  6. Fundraising ideas
    1. Raffle for 4 hours of handy man work
      1. Have gentlemen from clean-up that is willing to offer hours: Isagani Paredes
    2. Ryan asked: Would you want to use home advisor or Angie’s list?
    3. Darlene: Licensed contractor would just be bonus but not necessary
  7. We will start rotating who leads each meeting:
    1. Ryan will lead next neighborhood association meeting
    2. Dan will send him the meeting agenda the day before the meeting
  8. Consider promoting a” Youth day of service” – youth who needs volunteer hours
  9. Open house board meetings once a quarter – people think good idea
    1. Can invite people to our next board meeting
  10. Taxes for non-profit –
    1. Nothing additional needs to be done besides the 990 form
  11. Dine-Out 90805 –
    1. Dan will continue to contact the media to promote them
    2. Partnering with other neighborhood associations and community organization to offer more dine-out 90805 events
  12. Speakers
    1. April – Harry Saltzgaver (LB Gazette, Water Commissioner)
    2. March – Tasha Hunter
  13. Quickbooks – Ryan has license and will show Keith how to use this for the NA’s finances
  14. Discussion of history and pictures
    1. Need someone to take pictures at our events (recruit)
    2. Keith will send Ryan photos
    3. Everyone should send out pictures from events
      1. Send to dpna6255@gmail email
    4. Dan will give out 3 certificates at the next meeting:
      1. Wrap the Kids
      2. Officer Chambers
      3. Officer Lee
    5. Adopt-a-Gutter
      1. Shawna is working on this
      2. Council office wants community members to be trained for safety purposes
      3. Can start by asking people to report clogged drains to Go Long Beach?
        1. Questions: Is drains a reporting option? No
        2. Should get this added?
          1. Dan will email Rex Richardson and Robert Garcia
        3. Mapping the stop signs
          1. Ryan- Use civil codes to compel city to put stop signs, this is what he did for the 3-way stop near his home
        4. Re-cap of breakfast/clean- up
          1. Youth helped a lot
          2. Youth committee for clean-up?
            1. Event involving youth
            2. Consider involving Foster kids- Diana Jones (562-787-5538)

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