Board Minutes – April 27, 2016

Board members in attendance: Dan, Keith, Joni, Ryan, Karine Paulan, Corazon, Darlene

Guests: Valerie Gonzalez, Jacqueline Case, Daniel Kraft


Executive Board Meeting Minutes:


Old Business:

  1. Hary Saltzgaver – We should have Harry back to speak after summer
  2. Dine-Out 90805 – Uptown Bar & Grill – Joni to reconfirm for May
  3. Next DPNA Monthly Meeting – Robert Garcia & opposition
    1. Corazon will be getting together some residents to canvass the neighborhoods and let people know about the meeting
  4. Dan: Update on Adopt the Drain program -Not heard anything from Robert about Adopt-A-Drain
    1. If we don’t hear anything in the next few weeks we will follow-up
  5. Dan: Has an idea for a Book Exchange – 4-5 mailboxes on private property
    1. Residents are allowed to take any book as long as exchanged with another book
    2. Can put helping hands art signs pointing to DeForest Park on top of book exchange mail boxes
    3. Tasha likes the idea but wants to coordinate with the rest of the district
    4. Idea is to help promote reading and literacy ahead of the opening of the new library
  6. DPNA May 18th meeting – if one speaker is unable to come the other will be given full time
  7. Update on DPNA April Clean-Up – 3 alleys cleaned & filled blue dumpster / green recycle was very successful


New Business:

  1. Cleaning the tree wells – Dan will speak with Tasha Hunter – Uptown BID
  2. Next Cleanup – weekend before chili cook-off / Green pickup as well (Chili cook off on July 23)
  3. Creating community gardens in Deforest Park in areas where there is no watering of the mulch. We can put sustainable desert plants
  4. Star King, Grant, Houghton Park all sponsors for next meeting.
    1. Joni will call Eileen Oien & Dan will email Phil Samur for St. Francis
  5. We have scheduled Pat West as June speaker
  6. Joni has to file 990-N for IRS tax purposes
  7. Valerie Gonzales (Center for Sustainable Energy) – have at a future general meeting – maybe July or August? July good.
    1. Presented on Clean Vehicle Incentive Program
  8. Emergency Preparedness – taking census of who is interested in participating, team up with welcome wagon as well
    1. Jacqueline Case and Daniel Kraft from Berkshire Hathaway have been approaching DPNA residents begin mapping the neighborhood
  9. New board member Karine Paulan will serve as DPNA Secretary
    1. Motion by Corazon Lomeli
    2. Second by Joni Ricks-Oddie
    3. Unanimous decision
  10. Discussed trying to create a video about the new library and its construction
    1. Dan will talk to the project manager
  11. Flyer for Chili Cook-off
    1. Darlene made contact with a gentlemen names Jason Keam who offered to design the flyer for and do graphics for the Chili Cook-off
    2. She will schedule a time to meet with him soon
  12. Fundraising
    1. Darlene – will follow-up with CD9 office about getting our table at the Jazz festival to serve food
    2. Ryan – Need to set-up paypal account again


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