DPNA Board Meeting Minutes – March 22, 2017

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

March 22, 2016   7:00PM

Dan, Keith, Joni, Corazon, Darlene, Ryan

I.  Old Business:

  1. Wine Tasting and Fundraising Update -Darlene
  • El Cortes said no
  • Park Options
  • Residence is Private Property
  • Meriweather
  • Dominguez Pizza
  1. Welcome Wagon Update – Corazon
  • 9 new residents
  • New Brunch in conjunction with cleanup (& WeLove LB)
  • Do the brunch at the park
  1. Dine-Out 90805 Update – Joni
  • Jeff from Grant Neighborhood Association was unable to confirm Pupuseria El Kiosco. But he was able to secure Casa Sanchez for Dine-Out Monday April 24. I also spoke to them about providing food for the association meeting and coming to speak about their business at the DPNA meeting next Thursday, April 20. (amended April 11, 2017)
  1. Chili Cook- Off Update – Joni
  • July 22
  • Rex wants to be judge & not cook
  • Winnie Carter
  • Deposit was cashed ($50)
  • Donation Box
  1. Mailbox discussion with council office – Joni
  • D9 needs to check with City
  1. Newsletter Update and request from community member to write an article – Ryan
  • submission guideline (if over so many words – website and then link back in newsletter)
  • Invite to come speak & write article
  1. Park Project Update – Joni and Darlene
  2. Review Fiduciary agreement for Christmas Store and AOC7 Neighborhood Organization
  • Include 501c3 with agreement
  • Legal name: DeForest Chapter North Long Beach Neighborhood Association
  • Verify check – call bank, have account?, if so, give account number, have sufficient funds to clear check? Also see if check # has cleared before (all forms of payment), when did it clear
  • Printing check process with DPNA and name

II.  New Business:

  1. Updates to Parks, Recreation and Marines guidelines on partnerships with community organizations (per Keith’s email) – Keith
  1. Ways to increase volunteers for committees like Welcome Wagon and Fundraising – Joni
  1. Website Updates/Changes – Ryan
  • Nextdoor survey results – 80% / 20% – 10 polled so far
  • Landing Page/Home Page improvements, Static about us instead of dynamic
  • Special Announcements & Alerts – MailChimp – also phase out texting – this has been implemented by announcing new secretary position
  1. Renaming of South St. Parkway and establishment of historic district – Dan
  • Council District 9 2017 Events Calendar – Joni
CD9 Upcoming 2017 Events

III. Non-agenda items

Adjourned – 9:00pm


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