DeForest Park Neighborhood Association Virtual Meeting

First virtual meeting for a Long Beach Neighborhood Association

We had our first neighborhood association virtual meeting last night.

two computer monitors displaying a virtual meeting behind the scenese

City Fabrick discussed potential concepts for DeForest Park based on community feedback (video of meeting below).

You can take the survey here:

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Below are Long Beach Police’s incident reports from February 12 – April 15, 2020 (click here for printable PDF report).


Linden Ave/South St2/17/201426Drinking in public
Linden Ave/South St2/25/201846Drinking in public
Linden Ave/South St2/25/201250Drinking in public
DeForest Park2/25/201216Loitering in the park
400 Block of South St2/26/201712Drinking in public
Linden Ave/South St2/26/201659Drinking in public
Linden Ave/South St3/2/201414Drinking in public
DeForest Park3/16/202322Loitering in the park
400 Block of South St3/16/202333Drinking in public
Linden Ave/South St3/17/201303Drinking in public

Petty Theft

300 E Block of 59th St2/29/200845Suspect attempted to take a generator, but the victim saw him so suspect ran away. Suspect was arrested few minutes later.
400 Block of South St3/1/202236Package was taken from the porch. No suspect information.

Theft from Vehicle

500 E Block of Adams St2/15/201030The passenger window was smashed, and suspect took a pair of women’s boots. No suspect information.
100 E Block of 59th St2/29/200836Suspect forced open the trunk and went through a gym bag. Victim had a video of the incident.
500 E Block of Adams St3/2/201435Victim believed the vehicle was locked, however, the alarm did not go off and there was no sign of force entry. Loss were two backpacks and miscellaneous paperwork. No suspect information.

Theft of Vehicle

100 Block of Adair St2/20/2007052013 Ford EC2
Stolen on 2/20 and recovered on 2/21 in South Gate
100 Block of Hullett St3/10/2009132007 Cadillac ESC
Stolen on 3/10 and recovered on 3/11 in LB.
Hullett St/Jaymills Ave4/2/2019011988 Toyota Takoma
Stolen in LB on 4/2 and recovered on 4/7 in Anaheim
300 Block of South St4/14/2019412009 Motorcycle
Stolen in LB on 4/14 and recovered on 4/15 in Compton


E 59th St/Atlantic Ave3/14/200127Warrant arrest

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