Monthly Meeting Minutes – May, 2016

Deforest Park Neighborhood Association

Meeting minutes 5/18/16

Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Dan Pressburg President

Flag salute

Christian from Rex Richardson’s office made announcements:

Jazz festival 6/11/16 12-8 p.m. at Houghton Park

Reported on progress of murals next one will be at 1639 Artesia Blvd.

Q: Dan asked about a mural for our area A: during phase 2 of the project

$1 million grant from Kaiser for the Hill zone update

Update on plan to improve liquor stores

Update on planned opening of north library for 9/6

Tom Modica Deputy City manager presented information about the city budget

(slides available at

$212.4 million shortage per year for infrastructure

Police Chief Robert Luna addressed police issues

Following 2008 cuts there was an increase in crimes and traffic fatalities

Recent legislative changes (prison releases) have resulted in an increase in crime

Fire Chief Mike Duree discussed budget affects to fire services

Since 2004 lost 5 engine companies, 1 truck, 1 paramedic unit, and 84 positions

Tom Modica shared what measure A&B would accomplish

The restoration of a south division police department

Fire station in Belmont Shores

Question and Answers

Q Does the measure legally bound the city to pay for the items discussed?

A The citizen Advisory committee will hold the council accountable

Q Doesn’t the measure also ensure raises for the same groups funding the measure?

  1. part of the infrastructure is staffing
  2. Are curbs included in the sidewalk budget?
  3. No
  4. Is the money raised by the measure funding the new civic center?
  5. No
  6. shouldn’t the budget money be spent on public safety first rather than consultants?
  7. Will the measure also be funding pension liability?
  8. that is up to the council

Dr. Gerrie Schipske presented information in opposition of the Measures

The budget provided is the same projected information every year, no change

The council wants the voters to trust them with no guarantee as it’s not legally binding

The measures can result in increases in salaries and pensions

The measures are not specific and do not legally bind them to use the money as promised

The rainy day fund does not specify what defines a rainy day and can be used for anything

The council has the right to give back the sales tax collected to businesses

The made it a general tax which only needs a majority rather than a specific tax than needs 2/3

There are no performance measures

None of the elected officials came to present the information or answer questions.

Comments from the audience

The agreement is not transferrable should there be changes in the council during the life of the measure

Previous consultant (management partners) released money saving ideas that were never implemented

  1. What percentage of the city employees who can profit from the measure live in Long Beach and will pay the taxes?
  2. 30%

Rex Richardson spoke in support of the measures

Announcement was made about the next “Dine Out 90805”

5/23 6:30-8:30 at Uptown bar and Grill 2421 Artesia Blvd.

Meeting was adjourned

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