Monthly Meeting Minutes – May, 2019

Deforest Park Neighborhood Association (DPNA)

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: 05/16/2019

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM by DPNA President Dan Pressburg

7:04 PM Flag salute

Good News/Announcements

Next Dine Out 90805 will be on Monday, June 10th  from 6:30PM-8:00PM at Jovino’s Pizza – Come meet your neighbors, support a local business, and enjoy some good food.

7:12PM The Beat Goes On – North Station Report

Long Beach Police Department 9th District provided by Neighborhood Services Specialist, Erica Moreno (562-570-9825; [email protected]) as well as bike Officers Romo and Ollque  as well as Officer Trujillo (Quality of Life)

400 block Harding 4/26 suspect gained entry through unlocked window – stole 2 laptops, 2 iPhones, and purse

63rd and Atlantic – suspect registration, keys, and insurance

6000 Linden 4/24 – 1999 Honda stolen and recovered in Long Beach

400 block of Dear 4/29 – recovered 98 Acura from Alhambra

Citing people for drinking in public  – South & Linden; 1 person for urinating

Webaccount linking to bank accounts and stealing money

Intro from Officer Trujillo who is new Quality of Life Officer within last 5 months, but with force 14 years in this area – focused on addressing the homeless and working with Multi Service Center (12th and Oregon); addressing quality of life issues; working on addressing encampments

Question – Forms for advisement ?  How can we share information with you? (A) Don’t advise to go out and get their contact. Email [email protected]

Question – House trash pile behind the tracks at 47th and Del Amo needs to be addressed (A) Now cleaned up.

Question – How do you know if the belongings belong to someone homeless or just trash? (A) Depends on appearance and their experience. If it looks like something has value, then need to post it. If trash, then can be picked up and cleaned up. Use Go Long Beach app.

Question – Do you have a system set up if someone else reported it? (A) Not at this time. If working on issue, indicate that it is being addressed.

7:17 PM – Update on Harding and Atlantic Development

Speaker – Westland Retail Group representative, Commercial Leasing Manager, Manny Bukiet ([email protected]) – provided handouts of design for the Harding Plaza Development

Currently own 711 and Waba Grill and are expanding it

New retail and restaurants have been neglected here in North Long Beach and want to bring it here; Tierra Mia Coffee, Burger IM (sit down), Long Beach Beer Lab, and small gym (12,000 square feet) with low cost

There will be an outdoor seating area with lighting – have a similar concept in Downey, CA at Firestone & Downey; only one building will be two stories

Question – Will there be a community room? (A) Not at this time.

Question – Will there be residences? (A) No, only retail and restaurants.

Looking to break ground in 6-8 months. And then, to complete in 6-8 months. Existing shopping center will get façade uplift to match the new façade. Likely open mid 2020 if all goes smoothly.

Question – Will there be a marijuana dispensary? (A) No.

7:28 PM Speaker – Corazon Lomeli, Remax Realtor, local resident, and DPNA Executive Board Member (Welcome Wagon)

In 2018, 26 new homeowners in Deforest Park – down from 37 in 2017

Prices of homes in Deforest Park is going up; highest sale was $675,000 on Jaymills

Prediction for market is that it will stay stable at this time

How is buying versus renting? Median percent to rent is 27.7% of income. To buys it is 17.5% to buy. Median Rent in Long Beach is $1983 and average apartment size is 797 square feet

Many programs exist for down payment assistance to help first time homeowners

Question? Are their subsidy programs in Long Beach? (A) Yes, there are several and not just in Long Beach but throughout CA.

Road Map to buying: 1) Look at budget, 2) Credit Score (FHA is accepting 580 credit scores now) , 3) Amount of debt, 4)  Add total monthly bills and subtract from monthly income

7:40PM District  9 Council Update from Alana Grant (Policy Director)

Pop UpTown – monthly social event in community on 4th Thursday of month at Michelle Obama Library from 5:30PM-8:30PM– 2nd birthday celebration for PopUp Town

Continue to go on Go Long Beach app to report issues; if issues are not being resolved call Council District

Community Conversations on Economic Inclusion with Everyone In Initiative– will be going to Council with report on June 11th; want to do study on small business inclusion; development of a Community Development Corporation (CDC) (non-profit) (financial literacy, access to financial institutions, workforce training) in North Long Beach is proposed; move some initiatives from council office to the CDC (e.g., murals, etc…)

Comment – This kind of initiative can be integrated with college campus where there is such a focus? (A) Item for North Long Beach higher education program in partnership with LBCC – working group is meeting; don’t have a space yet

Passed out fliers for program for Long Beach Community Action Partnership (CAP) for youth programming

Question – Is there anything in plan to help with down payment assistance? (A) There is but don’t know what it looks like yet. Also, want to offer HUD certified counseling.

7:52PM – Campfire Director – here at Deforest Park free afterschool program from KG to 8th grade; summer programming starting June 17th (camp for kids, learning opportunities – Spark, Drive, STEM, field trips)

Question? – Are you advertising that there is daycare in summer? (A) Yes,  some teasers went out and more to follow in next week but also we do more than daycare

8:o1PM Public Comments

New Business Announcements:

Introduction to new DPNA Media Relations Coordinator, Nubia

DPNA Calendar 2019

May  – TBD

June  – Budget Update with John Gross

July – Chili Cook-Off Fire vs. Police

Additional Comments or Questions?

Call for motion to adjourn by Dan Pressburg; 1st  and  2nd noted

Meeting adjourned  8:01PM

Reminders and Dates to Remember:

7:00AM Good Neighbors Spires Del Amo and Cherry 2nd Tuesday of the month

7:00PM Starr King 1st Wednesday of the month

7:00PM Grant Meeting, American legion Post 560 59th & Orange 2nd Thursday of the month

7:00PM Coolidge Triangle Neighborhood Association 3rd Wednesday of the month

7:00PM Deforest Neighborhood Association 3rd Thursday of the month

Saturday, May 18th 9:00AM-10:00AM Clean Up at Deforest Park – meet at entrance

DPNA Board Meeting on Wed. May 22nd at 6:30PM at Dominguez at Long Beach and Dairy Creamery

Pop Up Uptown Event at Michelle Obama Library – 4th Thursday 5:30PM-8:30PM

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