Board Minutes – June 23, 2015

Attendance: Darlene, Keith, Joni, Linda, Dan and Ryan


  1. Dan discussed getting some signs put on polls to announce our meetings in the par
  2. Designing a new logo
    1. We voted to have $50 to put aside for logo designed by Jennifer McMillan
      1. Linda motioned to vote
      2. Darlene seconded this.
    2. Keith will work with Jennifer on the design
  3. EIN issue
    1. Linda will talk to Jerry Schultz to see if he has this
    2. Joni will call IRS about process
      1. Update: If Jerry says there was no EIN, Joni will request it from the IRS
    3. Speaker in July
      1. Reggie Harrison – deputy city manager
        1. Now the director of Emergency preparedness
        2. Dan needs to confirm Reggie
      2. Luna in August as speaker
        1. Need to put in District 9 Newsletter
      3. Neighborhood Executive Board
        1. Defunct, for 6 years
        2. Meet at last wed of the month
      4. Dine out 90805
        1. Joni contact for El Pollo Taquero to confirm
          1. Last Monday of month
        2. Another option is Jovino’s
        3. We discussed doing a Special Saturday event for Ice Cream Spot
      5. Neighborhood Clean-up
        1. Notes for next time
          1. More advertisement to closest homes
        2. People expressed interest in helping
      6. Bike Racks
        1. Darlene will call to find how many bike racks we can get
          1. She will follow-up with Meredith and Sunny about placement
        2. We spoke to Elyse at Deforest about possible locations
      7. Chili cook-off
        1. Will obtain a one day permit and put cook-off inside clubhouse
          1. We will talk to Rex waive it and invite him to be judge
        2. Elyse – need a date other than July
      8. Move meetings back to Wednesdays!
      9. Joni – Email Elyse
        1. Chili Cook-off
        2. Darlene will contact about specific locations







Website Discussion:

  1. Ryan will take our ideas and create a wire frame
    1. Run on [redacted]
      1. Can include newsletters
      2. Post Pictures
  • Facebook Feed
  1. [redacted] will show on mobile devices
    1. Automatically detect device type
  2. 1st step is get domain set-up with logo and mailing list with landing page with under construction information
  3. Comments can be moderated
  4. Will register domain names for at least 2 years
  5. Joni will send logo to Ryan Blazer from Keith
  6. Need map of NA within the 9th district
  7. Email System
    1. Mail Chimp and Constant Contact
  8. Advertisement information and Sponsors
    1. Solar City?
      1. “Solar City Skate Rink”


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