Monthly Meeting Minutes – July, 2018

Deforest Park Neighborhood Association (DPNA)
Monthly Meeting Minutes
Date: 7/19/2018
Meeting called to order at 7:11 PM by DPNA President Dan Pressburg
Flag salute at 7:11 PM by Susana Twaite of Wrap the Kids
Good News:
Chili Cook off is next month (August 25th)
Last year was packed at the Michelle Obama Library
There will be a poetry slam again
North Station Report:
7: 15PM – The Beat Goes On
Long Beach Police Department 9th District provided by Erica
Police Department Officers are not always able to make it due to under staffing. if able to make it, will be here but otherwise they apologize for not being able to make it.
Crimes for May, June and July of 2018
July 11th – 400 block of Janice – company truck had all tools stolen
2 cars stolen – one on June 2nd at 500 block of Janice and another on June 18th at 6rd and Linden -both recovered in Compton
63rd and DeForest on May 10th – traffic stop due to loud music; driver had no license and wanted to be arrested but was taken home then started throwing rocks at Michelle Library
300 block of Hullett – shots fired- PD found 19 cases – no victim or target found; one witness noted it was a male Black suspect
Elm and 59th – May 17th – arrest of suspect almost hit motorcyclist, crashed into another car and then stole phone and gold chain; good description allowed for apprehension
passed out fliers for National Night Out – Tuesday, August 7, 2018 from 6:00PM-9:00PM
passed out fliers for Summer Safety Tips
Question – attendee said a 15-year-old child was stabbed at 7-11; not sure if report was made
7:24 PM
Girl Scout, Milana Walls – addressed blood donation issues – every 2 seconds in U.S. someone needs blood; only 3% of Americans donate blood; due to shortage, there is a blood crisis; CA is currently in crisis
Girl Scout doing a Gold Star Project – choose to do a project on low blood donations and is hosting a blood drive to recruit individuals on 8/18 at 10″:AM-4:00PM at Holy Trinity AME Church 200 E. 68th Street Long Beach, CA 90805
9th District Report – Alyssa Gutierrez, Policy Director
Council members sworn in for new terms; Rex Richardson sworn into new term
Rex Richardson wants to focus on homeless and housing crisis – next meeting on August 7th will focus on proposal for new housing in Long Beach on 2000 units; focus on prevention strategies as well such as more services and housing assistance; asking city staff to look at different proposals to fund them
Every Monday there is a Farmer’s Market at Houghton Park from 3:00PM-7:00PM; August 13th there will also be a health fair
Pop Uptown – spicing things up and doing something for youth – Next Thursday, July 26th from 5:30PM-8:00PM at Michelle Obama Library
Question – Does city of Long Beach have safe park for people who live in their cars? Not sure. Needs to be looked into. It has been tried in past but did not work well.
Long Beach has own continuum of services for homelessness and Multi Service Center.
Chris Wilson from Assembly Member Mike Gibson’s Office
Provide constituent services – things like CalTrans, Medical, DMV, etc . . . – if you have any issues with any state issues or licensing issues
Question – From Atlantic to turn left to get on North or Southbound to 91 – no meter is working and it is hazardous – provided email for further contact
Comment – problem with fireworks – Can we work on banning them in the State?
Question DMV Services – What about the new IDs? – need a real ID in 2020 (stamp on ID) to be able to fly
Assembly Member will be here in September 2018 – likely to be held at Long Beach Dairy and Creamery home
Recreation Specialist – Doing Summer Fun Drop In Program – go to pool, field trips, kayaking, Soak City – some are free events and others have cost;
do free lunch for kids in summer with ages from 1-18 years
Guest Speaker – 7:44PM
Eliott Freutel from Aquarium of the Pacific
New Program – Climate Change/Resilience Education in the Community
Global warming is real – each summer is getting hotter on record
4 Main Threats to Long Beach:
1) Air Quality
2) High Heat Days
3) Severe Drought
4) Coastal Flooding
Top 3 Shared Values in Long Beach:
1) Diversity
2) Open Spaces
3) Walk-ability and Usability
Conversation Starter – What are your aspirations for your community?
Be more disaster prepared, including neighborhood watch – start off with a small community meeting
Decrease pollution, illegal dumping of garbage (lack of accountability), and graffiti
Flood issues
More money and research on the front end – more money for biodegradable things; banning something won’t solve the problem
Parks and Recreation as well as open areas – beautification of parks; improved equipment and invest in the children and their activities (enclose the parks for safety); more pocket parks (little park in urban area); more lighting; interactive games, wifi stations, and gym stations/workout stations
Electric Charging Stations
Improved sidewalks that are ADA accessible
Issues with Blue Line – lots of crime; safety needs to be increased
Walking paths around the regular side walk – along Atlantic and Artesia – connect parks and have mile markers
Art such as murals and art walks
Next Question – What are the challenges do we face in reaching these aspirations?
Lack of accountability – elected officials, community members (buy in from the whole community)
Have enough trash cans throughout the city on streets
Respond to annual pick up
Go Long Beach App quicker turn around
Language barrier
Do not read bills
Lack of knowing neighbors or businesses (they should get to know the community as well; govt is aspect – they are under conditional permits) and not being involved in the neighborhood – two-way street
Third Question – The changes needed in my community to reach our aspirations are:
Connection with neighborhood association and business
Government buy in
Resource Center for business and community in every district; Ombudsman to help them navigate the system; better BID
Improve distribution of funds – do through needs assessment and relative funds
We need people to listen from the city/ Need to identify allies in the community
Summary will be provided and also goes to their CEO from Aquarium of the Pacific
8:33PM –
Additional Comments or Questions?
Call for motion to adjourn
Meeting adjourned 8:35PM
Reminders and Dates to Remember:
7:00AM Good Neighbors Spires Del Amo and Cherry 2nd Tuesday of the month
7:00PM Starr King 1st Wednesday of the month
7:00PM Grant Meeting, American legion Post 560 59th & Orange 2nd Thursday of the month
7:00PM Coolidge Triangle Neighborhood Association 3rd Wednesday of the month
7:00PM Deforest Neighborhood Association 3rd Thursday of the month
DPNA Board Meeting on Thurs. 8/2?/2018 at Old Dairy and Creamery House 167 E. South
Pop Up Uptown Event at Michelle Obama Library – 4th Thursday 5:30PM-8:30PM

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