Monthly Meeting Minutes – July, 2019

Deforest Park Neighborhood Association (DPNA)

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: 07/18/2019

Meeting called to order at 7:07 PM by DPNA President Dan Pressburg

7:07 PM Flag salute by Dan Pressburg

Good News/Announcements

7:08PM The Beat Goes On – North Station Report – Officer M. Romo

Neighborhood Services Specialist, Erica Moreno (562-570-9825; [email protected]) can be reached

6/19/2019-7/18/2019 Report Time Period

2 thefts of vehicles – both recovered, one in Long Beach and another in East LA

1 shots fired 5800 block linden; casing found; no victims

South and Linden – cited for drinking in public

If you have a large traffic ticket or warrant for non violent issue, go to court so you can fair well as compared to fines – next is August 3rd

National Night Out is August 6th contact [email protected] Turn on lights that night.

(Q) Shootings in Long Beach on Atlantic last month? Were they related?

(A) No, not related. Isolated incidents.

(Q) I would like to organize National Night Out. How do I so? I am a teacher with LA USD.

(A) Answer provided. Come to DPNA Exec Board Meeting next week to get help.


7:15PM Jonathan – new rep for 9th District Office – [email protected]

Long Beach born and raised

Bachelors in Sociology from Cal State Long Beach

Resources for local community –  increase access to city resources

Working with United Way with Homeless Initiative – doing trainings Monday 6:30PM at Methodist Church at Linden at 56th in the District

(Q) Wrap the Kids – homeless not for profit helping homeless – Do showers work at the old firehouse? Can we offer showers jointly if we clean up after? (A) To discuss with Council member as area is used by many groups.

(Q) How much can you tolerate with parking in public areas? (A) Homeless Multi Center is a great resource and prevent them from being out on the street. Allowed to be there for 48 hours. Another option in works is the homeless shelter that is breaking ground soon. Call to Public Works regarding encampments. We work a lot with Conservation Corps for littering and cleanups.

(C) People living in wetlands and getting dirty and scary. Due to encampments with lots of trash and no trash cans around. (A) Need more trash cans as never provided. Need clean ups.

(Q) Green ballers being knocked down on LB Blvd on bridge. Need to be replaced. Email Public Works routinely that they are missing.

(C) On Artesia as well

Updates on developments

Artesia and Atlantic broke ground

Cut grass

Community gardens conversion for lots

(Q) Request for potholes – What is difference than you submitting versus us?

(A) We can expedite if you submit and then submit another request

Pop UpTown – monthly social event in community on 4th Thursday of month at Michelle Obama Library from 5:30PM-8:30PM on June 27th

Yvette and Elroy from Industry introduced themselves

Grand opening of new civic center on 7/29/2019

Movies in the Park on Monday 7/29 – starts at Dusk

7:41PM Chili Cook Off Announcement on 7/27/2019

DPNA Calendar 2019

Call for motion to adjourn by Dan Pressburg; 1st  Joni and  2nd noted by Darlene

Meeting adjourned  7:46PM

Reminders and Dates to Remember:

7:00AM Good Neighbors Spires Del Amo and Cherry 2nd Tuesday of the month

7:00PM Starr King 1st Wednesday of the month

7:00PM Grant Meeting, American legion Post 560 59th & Orange 2nd Thursday of the month

7:00PM Coolidge Triangle Neighborhood Association 3rd Wednesday of the month

7:00PM Deforest Neighborhood Association 3rd Thursday of the month

DPNA Board Meeting on Wed. August 24th at 6:30PM at Dominguez at Long Beach and Dairy Creamery

Pop Up Uptown Event at Michelle Obama Library – 4th Thursday 5:30PM-8:30PM

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