DPNA Board Meeting Minutes – August 22, 2018

DPNA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Date: 08/22/2018

Members: Ryan Blazer, Darlene Broom, Elizabeth Horin, Corazon Lomeli, Keith Oddie, Joni Ricks-Oddie, and Dan Pressburg

Guests: N/A


7:13PM Welcome DPNA Neighborhood Association (DPNA) Executive Board Meeting – Meeting called to order by President Dan Pressburg



Update from Bob Livingston that they can’t commit staffing for DeForest Park Grant Project until Saturday October 27th for plant removal and establishment that will continue into November; required to have Parks & Recreation staff member; all in favor, passed and will await new timeline


Approval of minutes from Monthly Meeting – no changes; motion made, seconded; approved

California Earthquake Authority is interested in returning next year – Ryan provided dates; might consider for February or March 2019


7:22PM Old Business


Chili Cook-Off – Saturday, August 25th from noon to 2:00PM; accepting entries for cooks at [email protected] no later than August 15th


10 cooks for competition

3 judges – Councilmember Rex Richardson, Shirlee Jackert, Executive Director of Campfire, and Assembly Member Mike Gibson

Supplies purchased

Corazon is donating pineapple punch for the event

Need to get water for the event

Prizes and trophies for winners – Need to follow-up to get Aquarium tickets and $25 Visa gift cards


Poetry Slam – 2 poets registered; most will likely just show up day of the event

  • DJ secured for event
  • Featured poet being paid and winners need are being paid, 1st – $150, 2nd – $100, and 3rd – $50


Teen Summit Update

Darlene sent paperwork to Janice Hahn’s office – $1,ooo still waiting for it

$1,000 from Port obtained

Need speakers – Megan Kerr is in; Udawae – need to f/u

Want to give away a laptop for event; need to buy 50 tablets for event

Promoting event through teachers in LBUSD; need to contact Rex’s office to talk to key individuals at Jordan as well as International Baccalaureate (school starts next week; contact Rex’s office this week)

Require prior registration to ensure receipt of tablet and then first come first serve if registrant does not attend

Gearing from 9th-12th grade


7:39PM New Business




Public Comment: We allow people 3 minutes to speak on any non-agenda item or topic


7:40PM Motion to adjourn, 1st and 2nd



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