Board Minutes – October 21, 2015

Attendance: Dan , Darlene, Keith, Joni

Guest: Jacqueline Case


  1. Next month’s meeting
    1. Gayle Carter from Uptown Dog Park would like to come speak
      1. We will give her 5 min – but will allow for up to 10
    2. Speaker for November Meeting
      1. Still needs to be confirmed – Fire Chief
        1. Dan will be confirming this week
      2. Dine-out 90805
        1. Sal’s Format for PB – Shawna email
          1. Joni replied to email and asked Shawna to speak with Dan
          2. Format will be:
            1. Brief introduction to PB and then have folks go up to an area where Alyssa Gutierrez is set up as attendees are mingling.  She will have flip chart paper on the walls like a regular assembly and people can come up and share their ideas
          3. Asked Shawna to take flyers to Coolidge meeting
            1. Shawna confirmed they were passed out
          4. Next Dine-out Options?
            1. Do we want to do another one this year or just starting planning for Jan?
              1. We decided to start fresh in January
            2. Sean spoke to El Pollo Imperial already
              1. For January Dine-Out
                1. Joni: will reply Sean and we need to have direct contact with the manager Oscar
              2. Do we want to start partnering with neighborhood associations closest to businesses we are highlighting
                1. Discussion: Yes, but the NA needs to actually promote it among their neighborhood
              3. Any other events this year:
                1. Christmas Party @ Dan’s
              4. Planning event Schedule for Next year
                1. Incorporating in “We Love Long Beach” events
                2. Encouraging members of the community to host
                3. The specifics of this be the topic for our next exec board meeting
                4. Partnerships with other orgs or neighborhood associations
                  1. For example, Liz Gonzalez’s and Uptown Word
                5. Darlene spoke with Elyse Garcia, manager at DeForest Park and she wants to do “Cookies with Santa @ DeForest Park”
                  1. Have to check with Rex R. on when his snow/winter wonderland event?
                    1. Date: December 19th
                  2. This event will be led by Parks and Recs so we will wait for them to reach out to us
                6. Darlene communicated that Corazon wants to conduct an event, but Corazon was not present at the meeting. So this will be tabled for the next meeting.
              5. Fundraising now that we are a 5013c
                1. PREPA – community organization/real estate
                2. Discuss at next weeking
              6. Rex volunteered to come out again to our neighborhood and knock on doors
                1. Should we do this soon? Date Suggestions?
                  1. We plan to start in January
                2. Disaster Preparedness
                  1. Container with supplies – funded by a grant
                    1. Dan will meet with Reggie Harrison and Dave Ashman – LB Disaster Preparedness
                    2. There are currently grants for specific areas of the city:
                      1. Ramona, Coolidge and Deforest should be getting containers
                      2. Will grow plants etc. around it the containers to deflect attention
                      3. Houghton Park already has their containers
  • Jacqueline Case’s partner Daniel Kraft works for Red Cross and could work with us to provide training like CPR
  1. COPE has a grant to pay for information flyers etc.
    1. Started with Bixby Knolls
  2. CERTS versus COPE
    1. Certs: certification is helpful for train block captains etc
    2. COPE (Community Outreach Promoting Emergency Preparedness):
      1. Is about getting neighborhood prepared
      2. Learning who your neighbor are by Mapping needs including:
        1. Seniors
        2. Animals
  • Special needs
  1. Skill sets
    1. CPR training
      1. Can be offered
    2. Basic interests
      1. Gas shut-off valve (wrench)
      2. Number of people in households
        1. Dan puts this on electric box
      3. Number of animals in households
    3. Jacqueline –
      1. They partner with insurance companies etc. to fund brochures and other resources
      2. Will help with door knocking to promote awareness along with real estate information
  • She will ask about dealing with Safety issues regarding sharing information with neighbors
  1. We could possible get a list of individuals from fire dept. or City Council who have special medical issues.
  1. Get Port of long beach donation
    1. Wrenches to shut off water or gas (First item to put in ER kit)
  2. How should we start:
    1. Ask community who wants to start participating
    2. Promotion by realtors:
      1. One item or tip a month or quarterly in a newsletter
        1. Jacqueline will send us that list
      2. Door knocking with a list of interested households
        1. We need to pick a block: 100 block of 59th (Jaymills and Deforest Ave) since we already did the Yard Sale there
      3. English and Spanish flyers to leave for folks who are not interested at all/ door knockers or laminated flyers
        1. Just bare minimum items/issues to be concerned with
        2. Maybe postcard sized
      4. Social Media update:
        1. Instagram account changed to: deforest.park.nlb
          1. Pw: [this has been redacted]
        2. Linked Instagram account to new non-profit Facebook page
        3. New Facebook page will launch after last Dine-Out event on Monday 10/26

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