The Haunting of DeForest Park

Fifteen acres of land purchased by the city of Long Beach, California in 1976 is what comprises a place known as DeForest Park.  Here you can hike a nature trail, let the kiddos play on playground equipment, or engage in any one of a number of interesting sports for which they have the requisite courts: basketball, volleyball, tennis, the list goes on and on.  There’s nothing uncommon about feeling that someone is following you, especially when you’re in a dark and seemingly dangerous place, and the protective sun has gone down for the night.  But here – at least, according to many of the Long Beach locals – that feeling is all too justified.  Sudden gusts of cold air, voices on the wind, and that awful prickly feeling at the back of your neck.  Something that signals to your brain that someone or something is taking far too much of an interest in you (and probably wants to see you dead or worse).  These are all precursors to the appearance of a paranormal creature which some say inhabits the grim darkness of DeForest Park at night.  A park, which some locals feel, is one of the most haunted places in Long Beach besides The Queen Mary in Downtown.  And if you go towards the end of the day – and especially if you happen to go alone – you might just get the fright of your life.

On September 30, the DeForest Park Neighborhood Association hosted a paranormal investigation of DeForest Park, which was lead by Christopher George of the Anubis Paranormal Research Organization (APRO).  Community members were trained by APRO on how to use paranormal investigation equipment prior to the 3-hour plus investigation. Data collected from the investigation includes both photographic and captured EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) and were presented to the community on October 20 (see below video).

EVP Sessions

Audio Recording – 1

Audio Recording – 2

At the “1” in the below audio timeline, it sounds like the voice says, “listen!”

Audio Recording – 3

Audio Recording – 4

Audio Recording – 5

There was a 6th recording; however, it mysteriously was a corrupted file.


Anomoly – 1 “The Orb with a Face”



Anomoly – 2 “The Mist” (Woman carrying child?)




Anomoly – 3 “The Great Surprise”





Full Paranormal Investigation Report:

Vigil Log:

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