Board Minutes – January 25, 2017

executive board meeting minutes 1/25/17

Present: Dan Pressburg President, Joni Ricks Vice President, Keith Oddie Treasurer, Ryan Blazer Website Social Media (via skype), Darlene Broom Chair of Fundraising, Corazon Lomelli (welcome wagon chair) and Karine Paulan Secretary

Meeting called to order at 7:03 by Dan Pressburg President

Approval of November minutes as submitted Jodi

Upcoming events

  • Dine out at Robert Earl’s is confirmed
    • Joni will contact them on Sunday
    • Advertising on Facebook invite don’t share
  • May Dine-out Grant Neighborhood wants to partner with us
    • Pupuseria El Kiosko need to try food first
    • New larger location
    • Out of the BID area Artesia and Gundry
    • Need English speaking staff
    • If we partner with other neighborhoods need help with advertising
  • Spring Cleaning and I Love Long Beach Breakfast 2/25
    • Dan checking on dumpster(s)
    • Juan wants to partner
      • Juan will include information about Deforest Park in flyers
      • Darlene will get advanced copy of flyer
    • Dan to explore blocking off streets
    • Jodi will sign us up
    • Alley will be blocked off
    • Dan to contact McGinnis for publicity
    • Neighborhood services may provide a truck Dan to follow up
  • Speakers
    • Next month’s speaker tentatively Rudy Komiza commander at LBPD
    • Future meetings want Jim McDonnell LA County Sheriff or under-sheriff
      • Janice Hahn or Erlinda Chico (rep for the area)
      • Barrigan
  • Signed support letter for Coolidge Down Under Park project
  • Deforest Beautification project 3/18
    • Darlene picking up $500 donation from Marcus
    • Boy Scouts want to clean up community garden at the park
      • Refinish benches
    • Small arbor with logo or get plaque for large rock with logo
    • Freddy’s nursery and Gabby at Sierra club willing to help on a Friday
    • Need to paint outer rim
  • Partners in Parks
    • Randy Zarn new director
    • Keith discussed skating rink idea with him
      • Zarn has meeting with Parks and Recs Director Knight and will discuss
    • Need to talk to inline skating
    • Will promote their program
  • Chili cook off
    • Judges: ask Parks and Recs Director Knight and Rex Richardson
    • Melissa at the library confirmed the date
      • $50 deposit will be made on Friday by Joni
    • LB Transit wants to partner advertise get logo on the buses
      • Dan to ask Rex
    • $500 from port completed
    • Received response for $1000 from arts council toward poetry slam
      • Liz Gonzales poet confirmed
      • host Philosophy
    • should get interview of the poets for promotion
      • ask LB in your city news
      • Dan to ask Dan Halvorsen about promotion
      • Youtube channel already set up


Old Business

  • Mail Chimp
    • Need double opt in process
    • Once a week send e-mail asking people to subscribe
    • Include in newsletter link to sign up
    • Our stats are trending above non profits
    • Sending e-mail list may violate policies of mail chimp
      • Requests for sign up sheet- can send names not e-mails
    • How to manage new sign ups at meetings or dine out
  • Pricing of P.O. box
    • Andrean Jacobs willing to accept mail and securely hold
    • Rent Uptown BID space for mail as option
  • Anubis Group availability for ghost tour during Halloween
    • After wetlands completed
    • every other year to keep interest
    • not many visits to that section of our webpage
    • Ryan will contact about availability
  • Quickbooks
    • Keith working on upload with Quickbooks

New Business

  • Advertising with The Edge
    • Poetry slam/chili cook off
    • wine tasting fundraiser
      • Corazon to ask about advertising with First Team as well
    • Dine outs May and August
    • SAT prep fundraiser
  • Adopt a drain
    • Gabrielle Weeks spoke to public works about putting it on the GoLongBeach app
  • Facebook boosts
    • Boost Robert Earl dine out through Facebook
    • Spend $20 maximum to experiment boost- board discussed
    • Running Thursday to Monday
    • Ryan made motion Joni 2nd Motion carried

Motion to adjourn made by Joni Ryan 2nd moved

Adjourn 8:45

Action Items:

Dan         check on dumpsters for spring cleaning event    

                  Research blocking off streets for spring cleaning event

                  Contact McGinnis for publicity of spring cleaning event

                  Check on neighborhood services truck for spring cleaning event

                  Ask Rex about advertising with Lbtransit

                  ask Dan Halvorsen about promotion of chili cook off

Darlene get advanced copy of flyer for spring cleaning event from Juan 

Ryan       complete mail chimp opt in requests     

                  Anubis Group about possible future event           

Joni         contact Robert Earl on Sunday to remind/confirm

                  Sign us up for I Love Long Beach event   

                  Follow up with Freddy’s nursery and Gabby at Sierra club about beautification project

Keith      sign up for boosts on Facebook

Karine   price PO boxes

Cora        ask about First Team advertising for wine tasting event

All            invite Facebook friends to events don’t share                      

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