Board Minutes – January 28, 2015

  1. Neighborhood preparedness
    1. Dan needs another map of DeForest area and would like to start walking blocks
    2. Dan is interested in including the 8th district from South to 56th street and from Long Beach to Atlantic
      1. We also discussed the need to outreach to this area for neighborhood association meetings and distribution of flyers
    3. Pressing Issues
      1. Need to reinstate incorporation
    4. Flyers
      1. Javier currently has 4 ladies do the distribution (pays them $10 an hour)
      2. Javier is planning a big push in the month of February Robert Luna will be coming
      3. Javier would like to move to a 4 page model, that includes advertising and color printing
        1. He will be getting us a mock-up draft soon
        2. He wants to had local business ads to starting paying for the flyer
  • He would like to start this in March
  1. Flyer for This month
    1. Joni asked that if it could be 2-sided since one side for the newsletter and the other side a large flyer announcing Chief Luna
    2. Linda and Joni are meeting Saturday morning to put this together
  • We need to add information on finding us on Facebook and Nextdoor
  1. Things to add:
    1. Dan: Add a section on Helpful hints
    2. Keith and Joni: Information on Graffiti abatement
    3. Add upcoming events and speakers
  2. General promotion
    1. Javier wants to push Uptown Long Beach
    2. Javier wants to start an Instagram profile for DeForest as well
  3. Upcoming events
    1. Javier: Advertising for trip to Pechanga (turn around trip) for DeForest Park
      1. Tentative dates are: May 8th or 9th
      2. Good fundraiser for the neighborhood association
    2. July 11th – Chili Cook-off and Car show
      1. Javier plans to put up a sign in DeForest Park announcing the event a week in-advance
    3. Javier wants to do a Yard Sale
      1. Yard Sale – April 10th-12th
      2. Arrange for Good Will to come on Monday to pick up items
        1. Residents will leave them in driveway or curb
      3. Upcoming Speakers
        1. February: Chief Robert Luna (Confirmed)
          1. Dan will be provided a Gift for Robert Luna
          2. We discussed if we should allow from us or from the floor?
            1. Decided we will have visitors fill out index cards with their questions
              1. Keith will bring some index (3×5)
            2. March: Port of Long Beach (Confirmed)
              1. Dan plants to partner with Grant for the CAG meeting
              2. Dan is considering partnering with Coolidge for out meeting
            3. April: Update from Parks and Rec on wetlands (Need to Confirm)
            4. May: May- Rex State of the 9th District (Tentative)


  1. Email Blasts/Contact sheet
    1. Javier has contact list from the events he has organized (N~180)
      1. He will put together a spreadsheet and share this with us
    2. Dan volunteer to update the sign-in sheet:
      1. Add Facebook option (Yes or No)
      2. Add Instagram option(Yes or No)
    3. Welcome Wagon
      1. Javier will send us a list of the new houses sold in the area by the second of the month
        1. Javier will also send a post card
      2. The Exec board will follow-up with an in-person contact
    4. Other business
      1. Create a google address for DPNA, and google drive so we can share and sort documents
        1. Joni and Keith will do this
      2. Dan suggested putting our meeting minutes up online
      3. Javier expressed that Tuesday would be a better meeting day. So our next meeting will be Tuesday February 24th.



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