January, 2021 – Meeting

This is the video from Zoom of our November meeting along with a copy of the renderings of the lots at South & Atlantic.

DeForest Park Neighborhood Association


Thursday, January 21, 2021 via Zoom Meeting (recorded)

Executive Board Present: Dan Pressburg (President); Joni Ricks-Oddie (Vice President); Keith Oddie (Treasurer); Ryan Blazer; Darlene Broom; Corazon Lomeli.

Executive Board Absent:  None.

Meeting was called to order by Dan Pressburg at 7:01 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance

LBPDNorth – Officer George Noguiera:

Officer Noguiera provided crime statistics for the area from December through the present.  Despite everything going on, the crime is not bad for our area.  Officer Noguiera advised to call police about mopeds and motorcycles in park.  Do not worry about dispatcher annoyance, it’s up to the police to make determinations on suspicious activity.  The recent release from prison has contributed to the uptick in shootings.  Alcohol is a big factor in shootings.  If not sure, call the police to make a determination.  If skateboarding is an issue, can have one of the bike units or officer can check up.  Skateboarding occurs between 4-5pm.  Don’t chase the mopeds.  Not anywhere in the area to go to.  Used to be signs on bike trail and signs are now down.  Police reports can be filed online.

Ronnie’s House is hosting a round table on February 26 at 11:00 AM.  Register here.

Council District 9 updates (Yasmine Shabaz intern field representative for Councilmember Richardson):

There is no more transient on Atlantic / 61st.

D9 Leaders Call on 1/25 5:30PM

Uptown Commons is completely open as well all restaurants for take-out.


CD9 will share input with Shaheen on LAB Holdings (South & Atlantic project).  Activating lot is difficult at this time due to COVID, but maybe around May, 2021 subject to city approval.  LAB Holdings is in process of creating an online portal to see progress and give feedback on the lots.  There will be additional info in coming weeks.

CD9 will follow up on Conservation Corp on cleanup on wetlands.

CampFire DeForest (Georgia Stewart):

We have completed repairs from vandalization (new windows) on Wednesday.  We are delayed a little for opening day.  CampFire DeForest has new director – Stephanie Blaser.  Port work will be taking place in next few months.

After School Program reopened on January 11, 2021 from 3:00 – 6:00PM and is $30 per week.  CampFire is following COVID precautions and guidance.  The numbers are limited in the numbers of the kids in the center – 12 a most.

Harding Plaza Update “The Uptown” – Yanki Greenspan:

The proposal is to knock out 3,000 sq ft and expand it into the large lot.  This will add parking in the back.  A coffee shop and gym to be included in the project.  This will have a resurfacing to the existing faced to help match elements of the library.  Talking to an ice cream shop and Long Beach Beer Lab.  Project is with the building department now.  The project is moving a little more slowly because of the gym (Blink Fitness).  Looking at about 8 months for construction once ground is broken.  Talking to Planning about how phasing is.  1st Phase demo, new faced of existing buildings.  The gym is the anchor.  Primary focus has been Tierra Mia Coffee, but they have not signed the contract yet.  Is there a way to activate lots while no construction and COVID restrictions have lessened?  Yanki is okay with it as long as clean.  Not sure what is going on with container that has graffiti on it.  Leases are all up in the air right now because of the pandemic.  Retail is going to take longer to develop than projects containing housing. 

Announcements (Dan Pressburg):

Next Meeting – City Attorney Doug Haubert, Shaheen Shadegi from LAB Holdings with an update on South & Atlantic project; Congressional District 44 Congresswoman Nanette Barragán.

There is a new directory on North Long Beach News

UPBID (Tasha Hunter):

LAB Holdings is encouraged to put artwork up on buildings between South and Market.  The Red Door (South Street) as a computer lab for LBCC is being negotiated now.  The 99 Cent store has been mystery for a while (just south of South).  There have been inquiries for educational use, but it is not zoned for that.  Code Enforcement can bill owner and increase fines to help encourage owner to rent out space instead of being boarded up as an eyesore. 

Councilmember Rex Richardson joined the meeting just before it ended.

CD9 will take lead on Wetlands and setup meeting with CD9, CD8, Parks & Rec, & Conservation Corp to discuss Wetlands and cleanup.

Parks & Rec Park Commission has approved South Street Parkway name change to Pressburg Park.

Rex said that changes in Federal government means changes for Long Beach and its budget.  This will allow projects to move forward in North Long Beach.

Upon motion made by Joni Ricks-Oddie (seconded by Darlene Broom), the November meeting was adjourned at 8:51pm. Motion Approved Unanimously.

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