DPNA Board Meeting Minutes – January 26, 2021

DeForest Park Neighborhood Association

Executive Board Meeting

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 via Zoom Meeting (recorded)

Present: Dan Pressburg (President); Joni Ricks-Oddie (Vice President); Keith Oddie (Treasurer); Ryan Blazer; Darlene Broom; & Corazon Lomeli.

Absent: None.

Guest: None.

Meeting was called to order by Dan Pressburg at 6:45 PM.

The Executive Board discussed the need of the meeting minutes from the previous Executive Board meeting should have been approved at this meeting; however, they were already posted to the website.  The Executive Board was clear that it will get back on track at the next Executive Board meeting to approve meeting minutes at its next Board Meeting.  Ryan Blazer reiterated that we need to go through processes to help make meetings more productive and less sidetracked.  He also stated that he minutes from the previous meeting should be attached to the agenda for the upcoming meeting.

Regarding the name change of the association, the Executive Board cannot begin to officially change the name until its status with the CA Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is resolved.  It was not known until recently that the previous Executive Board (different slate of people) that it had failed to require requisite forms with the FTB.  The FTB has been understanding and said that the association needs to file the back tax forms with them.  The FTB stated it can take 4-5 months to reinstate.  Ryan Blazer added that the requirement to post the intention of the name change has been posted on the website in accordance with the association’s current bylaws pursuant to the amendments clause.

Upon motion made, seconded, & approved, the Executive Board went into executive (closed) session at 6:52 PM.

Upon motion made, seconded, & approved, the Executive Board left executive (closed) session at 7:43 PM.

Action items discussed during the executive session included the following: 1) video recording of our meetings; 2) use of closed sessions as necessary during Executive Board meetings; 3) include a disclaimer at the beginning and end of the monthly meetings that are livestreamed; 4) further policy changes in how the association’s name & likeness is used; & 5) require requesting speakers at association monthly meetings to attend and present their presentation at the Executive Board’s meeting preceding the requested month of speaking unless that organization already has a standing relationship with the association – this is subject to the Executive Board’s approval – anyone is allowed to speak during the public comment section of the monthly meeting for up to three (3) minutes.

Acting Lt. Megan Tabor has offered to speak at an upcoming meeting.  Ryan Blazer was in the process of making a motion to have the Lt. speak at the March meeting; however, because the North Division of LBPD has been vacant, the motion was interrupted before it could be seconded.  Upon further discussion by the Executive Board, it was decided that it would be best for the Lt. to speak at the upcoming February meeting.  Subsequently, Ryan withdrew his motion to move Acting Lt. Megan Tabor to the March meeting.

Upon motion made, seconded, & approved, the Executive Board has moved Shaheen Sadhegi as a speaker at the February meeting to March and moved Acting Lt. Megan Tabor to the February meeting.

Upon approval of the motion to swap the February & March speaker, Dan Pressburg will contact Matthew Hamlett from the District 9 Council office about moving LAB Holdings’ update to the March monthly meeting.

The February monthly meeting with have three (3) speakers: Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert; The Honorable Nannette Diaz Barragán (44th Congressional District); & LBPD North Division Acting Commander Lt. Megan Tabor.

Tentative February Agenda

7:00 Flag Salute Video

7:05 PM – Lt. Megan Tabor  / North Station (10 minutes)

7:15 PM – District 9 Update (7 minutes)

7:22 PM – Old Business:  None

New Business: Policy Changes (5 minutes)

7:27 PM – The Honorable Nanette Diaz Barragán (10-15 mins / 10 min Q&A)

7:42 PM – City Prosecutor Doug Haubert (20 mins / 10 min Q&A)

8:12 PM – Public comment (up to 3 minutes per speaker)

8:30 PM – Adjourn

Joni Ricks-Oddie brought up that towards the end of next month, she will be going on maternity leave.  Joni shared a document (attached) recapping what she does to help Ryan Blazer with promoting meetings and events.  Corazon Lomeli volunteered to help with posting on social media.  Darlene Broom will help with posting on NextDoor. Dan Pressburg will help send events out at least two (2) weeks in advance.  Ryan will do Facebook event post after creating recurring meetings in Zoom.

Upon motion made, seconded, & approved, the Executive Board meeting was adjourned at 8:17 PM.


Media Relations while Joni and Keith are on parental leave

  1. Manage Social Media Accounts –
    1. Facebook page
    2. Nextdoor Account
  2. Timeline
    1. Events
      1. Promote at least 2 weeks ahead – Dan
        1. Do at least 3 posts during the time period on all social media websites
      2. Facebook – Ryan
        1. Create monthly meeting event page and share on our DPNA page
          1. Remind all board members to invite people from their friends list to the event
          2. Remind all board members to periodically share the event on their Facebook page
        2. Cross –Post on local groups including North Long Beach News, North Long Beach Community Action Partnership, Grant neighborhood Associations
  • Nextdoor – Darlene
    1. Create event (Can use Facebook even page as template).
    2. Make the event public and allow all nearby neighborhood to see the event
    3. Periodically comment under the event by giving updates. This keeps the event at the top of the Nextdoor feed
  1. General meeting Social Media Advertising – Corazon
    1. Post on social
      1. 1 week before
      2. Day Before
      3. Day of
    2. Work with Ryan to send email blast schedule text message reminder for the day before or day off
  • Share zoom meeting to North Long Beach News
  1. Periodic Posting on our Facebook page – Corazon
    1. Be proactive about sharing Facebook events on our DPNA page from other North Long Beach neighborhoods
    2. Be proactive about sharing information pertinent to our neighborhood and surrounding areas. This information can include, but is not limited too:
      1. Information from Vice Mayor Rex Richardson page
      2. News articles (e.g the LB Post for example has been doing a lot of coverage of North Long Beach recently)
  • Information from the Mayor or City of Long Beach social media pages
  1. I try to post a few times a week to keep our page relevant and bring traffic to it
  2. What you choose to share is a judgement call regarding what you think would be helpful to residents.

 (Minutes Approved at February 23, 2021 DPNA Board Meeting)

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