Board Minutes – August 24, 2016

Executive Board meeting minutes 8/24/16

Present: Dan Pressburg President, Joni Ricks-Oddie Vice President, Keith Oddie Treasurer, Ryan Blazer Website Social Media, Darlene Broom Chair of Fundraising, Karine Paulan Secretary, Corazon Lomeli Welcome Wagon

Meeting called to order at 7:05 by Dan Pressburg President

Call for Approval of minutes Joni 1st Keith 2nd

Recap of last week’s meeting

budget information

Designation for peace pole at 10 a.m. this Saturday 8/26 (before dudes and divas dog show)

Dudes and Divas starts at 12:00 on Saturday 8/26

Library walk through cancelled due to liability they will send a virtual tour

Deforest Wetlands fence is up and trailers are there

Paranormal team is interested in Ghost investigation

suggest audience 15 or older with adult supervision no children permitted

Friday 9/30 7:00-9:00 possible date pending availability of paranormal team

Speaker for September meeting City Auditor Laura Doud speaking about current budget             want to ask about more police officers

For October trying to get Sheriff Jim McDonnell

Polo shirts dark gray will be completed by next week

Next dine out in September 26th is Robert Earl’s October Sal’s Gumbo Shack

We need a letter for tax purposes thanking people for contributions

NPP Grant partnership with PBID looking for another neighborhood association

Andrean has worked for 18 years for Parks and Recreation she has improved the park

wants help at Coolidge Park (computers, refrigerator, microwave)

Motion to offer Nina Richardson a position on the board by Ryan second by Darlene

Nina agreed to honorary membership via phone call

Yard sale 9/17 at Darlene’s

buy permit $17

needs address of participants

invite Rex to walk the event

E-Recycling need new vendor

Meeting adjourned 8:50

Vacations: [redacted]

Action Items:

Dan         talk to Rex and construction crew to clear ghost investigation    

                  try to get Sheriff Jim McDonnell

Darlene buy permit for yard sale                

Ryan       will ask connection for walk through of library to shoot video/pictures  

                  e-mailed Paranormal connection about 9/30

Karine   take pictures at the peace pole and dudes and divas events

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