Board Minutes – August 26, 2015

  1. Event Recap
    1. Chili Cook-off
      1. General consensus was that it turned out excellent
      2. Next year we need to deal with number of people and the heat in the clubhouse
    2. Dine-out @ Jovino’s Pizza
      1. General consensus was that it turned out well
      2. Had several other neighborhood associations present including Jane Addams, College Square, Coolidge Triangle, and Hamilton
  • Being outside was a good idea
  1. Speakers for next Deforest Park Neighborhood association meeting
    1. September
      1. Margaret Madden- needs to be confirmed by Dan (probably for tomorrow)
      2. Marlene Montañez – Community Organizer?
        1. Wants to Speak on
          1. Stand with Women Against Abuse campaign
          2. Campaign for Hotel Workers Bill of Rights
        2. Discussion: Too political, is not considered education
          1. Welcome to attend meeting and speak to people privately after the meeting
        3. October
          1. PB Assembly
        4. November
          1. Not yet determined
        5. Provide Food again?
          1. Linda will talk to El Cortez about providing food for our Sept 17 meeting
        6. Upcoming Events
          1. September Dine-Out
            1. El Cortez – Linda will coordinate (needs to be confirmed)
          2. October Dine-Out/PB Assembly
            1. Sal’s Gumbo Shack – Joni will coordinate (needs to be confirmed)
          3. Community Yard Sale
            1. Joint yard sale in DeForest Park
            2. Can invite Firefighters to cook lunch
              1. Corazon will coordinate this
  • We discussed having a portion of the proceeds for the clubhouse/Neighborhood Association
  1. Discussion of how Coolidge Park conducts their community yard sale
    1. Register everyone under one permit
    2. 10% of proceeds go to NA
  2. Dan suggested blocking off the street on DeForet Ave (if necessary)
  3. Have a goodwill truck, VA, and/or Amvets come at 4:30/5pm
    1. Check on this – Darlene will check this
  • Date: September 26 – 10am-3pm
  • Individuals will need to register to get the permit
    1. Deadline to register September 18th (day after meeting)
    2. We will obtain the permit
    3. Need list of names for permits
  1. Advertisement:
    1. Email, Facebook, door knocking, inside district 9 website
    2. Joni will coordinate getting it put into the D9 newsletter
    3. Leave some flyers in Houghton Park
    4. Flyers – ½ sheet
      1. Joni will design and coordinate with Corazon
    5. Corazon volunteered to knock on doors and deliver flyers door-to-door
  2. We will charge $3 per participant to raise money for DPNA
  3. Dan will speak with Sergeant Hernandez
  • Requirements
    1. People must bring own table (required)
    2. Bring gently used items to sell
  • Participants can donate items for Deforest to sell (bring day of)
  • Check on permit for Parks and Rec – Joni
  1. Cleo and Ralph want to start up walking group
    1. Need to find a set route
  2. Website Update from Ryan
    1. Need to convert Facebook page to fan page – Keith will do this
    2. Got demo from Ryna
    3. Need library information – Contact Rex and Library folks from meeting (Joni will do this)
    4. Other community resources to be added website:
      1. Facts on a glance
      2. Ed News
  • Utilities – cable, internet
  1. Inside district 9
  2. Local restaurants
  3. Go Apps
  • Crime watch
  • Community Gardens
  1. Ryan is also conducting Search Engine optimization
  2. Sponsorship cost discussion:
    1. Landing page versus sponsorship page
    2. Suggestion
      1. Landing page:
        1. $25 for business card per month
        2. $250 for the year
      2. Sponsorship Page:
        1. $10 for business card per month
        2. $100 for the year
      3. Bank Update
        1. Joni, Keith and Linda opened a new account at US Bank since it is free for non-profit
          1. Joni and Keith will close the Well Fargo account and move the money to the US bank account
        2. Keith: Do we need a debit card?
          1. Consensus was no, can always request one later if we need it.
        3. Other Fundraising options
          1. We can sell DeForest Polo’s for a small profit
            1. Joni suggested $5
          2. Upcoming Vacation schedules
            1. Linda – [this has been redacted]
            2. Dan – [this has been redacted]
            3. Keith and Joni – [this has been redacted]
            4. Ryan and Luis – [this has been redacted]
            5. Ryan – [this has been redacted]
          3. Other Items
            1. Ryan and Luis will be hosting a Solar Party
            2. Jazz Festival discussion
              1. Need to have a committee for next year
              2. The Date/Time needs to be solid and consistent
  • Need to start early to obtain sponsorships
  1. Corporation needs to be set-up to govern this, separate from city finances
  2. Need many more food vendors
  1. Voted in New Board
    1. Dan called for a motion, Joni made a motion to vote in new members and Darlene seconded the motion
    2. Members at Large
      1. Luis Blazer– Education/Outreach
      2. Corazon Lomeli





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