Board Minutes – March 21, 2014

Board: Dan Pressburg, Darlene Broom, Keith Oddie, Ryan Blazer, Joni Ricks-Oddie, Corazon Lomeli

Guest: Amardeep – Don’t waste Long Beach


  1. April 23 – Dine-Out 90805
    1. Joni – We are all set
  2. Clean-up
    1. Harding:
      1. Darlene will talk to Elena about using her address on Janice for bin drop off
      2. Dan will bring Coffee and donuts
        1. He will coordinate trash bin to be dropped off 7am
      3. Time of clean-up– 8a-12p
      4. Ryan will post on website at end of week after confirmation from Elena
      5. Ryan – Re-cycling E-waste truck available
        1. Ryan will draft letter with 501c3 to send to company
        2. Ryan will pick up the truck and drop it back off with e-waste items
        3. Items not allowed:
          1. No appliances
          2. No batteries
  3. Adopt a drain – In mayor’s office currently
    1. Dan is in contact with Mayor Garcia, there is interest in doing this city-wide
  4. Special meeting update – problems with Zumba/Workout studio on South and Elm
    1. Keith gave update of what was discussed at meeting
    2. DPNA will help coordinate meetings
  5. Cleaning tree wells
    1. Part of South Street Beautification
    2. Dan wants to pitch to Rex
    3. Dan will take pictures of tree wells
  6. Overgrown yards issues
    1. Ryan wanted to know what the process would be for getting owner or renters to address this issue
    2. If over 12 inches can call code enforcement
    3. 570-code or Go Long Beach
  7. Paid advertising on website
    1. Dan – we are allowed as non-profit to offer a services even if the service includes raising money for us
      1. One service can be allowing businesses to advertise on the website
      2. We can ask business to advertisement on website or newsletter and they can get a write-off
      3. We can consider issuing either a 1099 or just a donation slip
    2. Darlene will
      1. speak with Tasha about opportunities for business adverting from Uptown BID related business
      2. Contact businesses we have had previous Dine-Out 90805 events at
    3. $10/ month or $100 per year
    4. Ryan will put up page on website
  1. Charitable Contribution Acknowledgement Form – Put together by Keith
    1. A draft is on the google drive in the “DeForest Park Legal Docs”
    2. Ryan and Dan will look it over
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for website
    1. Ryan discussed that it will take a while for web crawlers to find our website
    2. Ryan – will generate site map to all search engines to speed up SEO
  3. Letter to Home Depot – Corazon
    1. Corazon will give out “First Team” give-a-ways if she has not be able to get donations from Home depot in time
    2. Corazon will visit some other home supply companies:
      1. HD Supply
      2. True Value
      3. South Coast
      4. OSH
      5. Walmart
    3. Corazon will also ask if they would like to advertise on our website
  1. Main speaker
    1. Harry Saltzgaver Water Commissioner
  2. April 2nd – 10am Brunch at Dan’s house
  3. Mayor Garcia for May is pending
    1. Joni will follow-up with Marina and Mayor Garcia’s office at end of the week
  4. June – Dan will be inviting Pat West as speaker
  5. Neighborhood Leadership Program
    1. Want to speak at our neighborhood association
    2. HUD action plan spending
    3. Keith/Darlene – Will invite them to our April meeting
  6. Clean Vehicle Incentive Programs
    1. Joni will invite Valerie to our next board meeting
  7. Public Comment
    1. Amardeep: Don’t Waste Long Beach
    2. Mission: Make sure all LB residents (single-family homes and businesses) have access to recycling and eventually compost
    3. Already passed legislation in LA and now moving to LB
    4. Part of LANE
      1. Improve environment, community and worker’s health & safety
    5. Start by having businesses recycle since items are a commodity
      1. Permitted system with multiple haulers, introduce policies and standards for companies
    6. She will follow-up about with us speaking at our neighborhood association

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