DPNA Board Meeting Agenda – March 21, 2016

7:00 Attendance and Guests- Intro for visitors
7:05 Old Business
Meeting Review –
Approval of the minutes
Dine-Out – 90805 SUPER-MEX 5660 Atlantic Avenue
April 23 Clean-up …
Donuts and Coffee

7:15 Old Business Cont’
Meeting Agenda – April 20
Adopt a Drain update: Mayor Garcia’s received a proposal by me for us to be able
to do this. They are looking into this so we can save man hours and etc. without
entering the gutter. Congrats to Ryan and Corazone. I will be following up with
the Mayor’s office

Special Meeting update: Monday prior to the meeting we met with neighbors
regarding Zumba. We gave the neighbors specific direction and they met with Keith
the neighbors and Christian Cambridge from CD-9. Copy of the meeting was sent
to Commander K. I will be talking to him regarding next steps.

7:20 New Business –
South Street and Harding Beautification cleaning the tree wells
Neighborhood Clean-up April 23 contact Council Office
Recycling …. Bags and Bottles we collect and turn in goes to DPNA
Donuts Coffee
7:30 Tree plantings what to consider.

Overgrown lawns and yards… Green team – Could we charge for clean-ups?
Any Clean-up fee … is a donation to DPNA
Code Enforcement? Last resort.
Foreclosures in the area and possible flips

7:40 Main Speaker – Harry Saltzgaver Water Commissioner
April 2nd Special Brunch (Saturday)
Announcements: Our next Board Meeting is Tuesday April 21 at 7:00pm…
167 R. South St. all are welcome to join us.
Next clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, April 23 (The day after Earth Day)!
Our Speaker in April is from the Water Dept. Harry Saltzgaver
Tentatively our speaker in May will be Mayor Robert Garcia
In June – Pat West – Budget
July State of Deforest … 9th District – Rex Richardson
**DPNA needs your help!
We are asking for residents to volunteer a few hours a month to help their neighborhood. There are roles for everyone regardless of ability including:
1. Event planning committee (music, movies, community socials… etc)
2. Fundraising committee …..
3. Welcoming new residents (Welcome Wagon) with Pres, Vice Pres. etc representing DPNA…
4. Neighborhood “Green Team” to coordinate clean-ups
If you would like to help with these or other projects send us an email!!!
Public Comment: At this time … As a 501©3 we allow 3 minutes for any public comment regarding non-agenda items in accordance with the open meetings Act . (Ralph Brown Act of 1974)


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