Monthly Meeting Minutes – July, 2016

Deforest Park Neighborhood Association 
meeting minutes from 7/21/16 
Meeting called to order at 7:10  by Dan Pressburg President
Dan provided some information about upcoming events
    Councilman Rex is now Vice Mayor
    Chili cook off this Saturday 7/23 12-2 at Deforest park
    August dog show    
North Station police department provided update
    new Sgt. Hughes introduced
    no residential burglaries, 3 vehicle thefts (all preventable cars were not locked),
    3 assaults,  1 bicycle theft (lock was broken)
    Commander's meeting 7/27 at Expo Center 
    National Night Out  8/2 6-8 p.m. 
    questions about illegal parking addressed residents can call non-emergency line protocol shared (run plates and registration, give warning, mark tires)
Alyssa Guitterez District 9 office intern provided updates
    library opening
    public works survey
Andrean from Parks & Recreation presented information
    dog show 8/27 at Deforest Park
    no problems at the park to report
City of Long Beach development services staff Alem Hagos presented information (flyer attached)
    developing a 5 year plan with input from residents about HUD $5.5 million grants, $3 million CDBG grants and  $.5 million ESG grants for the homeless.  Community meeting wil be held on 10/15 at Houghton park 10-12 p.m.      Also preparing assessment for fair housing town meeting on 9/17  at Cesar Chavez park 10-12 p.m. will have draft document and present for input to the city     Multi services center information discussed     questions about who votes on participatory budget, control of money spent, oversight committee, and audit for quality of services     Alem offered to have the homeless services officer for the city come and present at future meetings if interested     survey available online     previous plans available online and are public information Leah Erickson Asst. Finance Director City of Long Beach presented budget information (flyer attached)     general fund revenue discussed     70% of funds are for emergency services     budget can be amended but there are restrictions     questions about decrease in home values affecting the budget, how meassure A & B will change the budget, what infrastucture is based on city's definition, utility tax increases,     August 1st next year's budget will be released online Meeting adjourned 8:22

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